Do at Home Dementia Test

A pen and paper can be used to carry out a simple do at home dementia test

A simple do at home dementia test for detecting early signs of dementia

Encourage a relative or friend to do a do at home dementia test if you suspect they maybe suffering from memory loss. Especially if they are reluctant to go to their GP for a check up. Encouraging them to take a simple do at home dementia test could help them realise they could have a problem.

The tests are simple clock drawing tests and word association tests. They can be used to show an individual that they have a problem with their memory. This can help encourage them to go to see their GP for further investigation.

Why Take a Test for Dementia?

It is crucial that the symptoms of memory loss are diagnosed as early as possible. This helps to get the best treatment possible. A do at home dementia test can help a person come to terms with the fact that they may be suffering from dementia.

By taking a simple do at home dementia test you should be able to determine if the person may have a problem with their memory. If they show signs if difficut during the test you should encourage them to seek further help fro their GP. There Doctor can then check for problems such as early stages of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

 Dementia Tests You Can Do at Home

There is no one correct way that you can test for conditions like Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia without taking a medical test that a doctor can give. But you can do an easy memory test at home. The test may help give you an indication that something may be wrong with your, or somebody else’s memory. It helps differentiate between normal everyday forgetfulness that we sometimes get and something more serious.

We take a look at two ways that you can a do at home dementia test

 Word Association Tests

Use simple words for a dementia testSimple word tests can be used to help detect memory problems a person may have.

Our brain saves and stores all the words we learn during our lives in our memories which then allows us to recollect what a word means without thinking about it.

A person who is having difficulty remembering words or confusing their words could have a problem that is associated with their memory. Word association tests such as the one below seem to work well in detecting memory problems.

  • Ask the individual taking the test to name all the animals they can think of in one minute.
  • Ask the individual to name all the types of fruit they can remember in one minute.

Test Results – Research has found that a healthy individuals scoring should between 20 to 25 words in the time given whereas a person who may have memory problems usually scores between 10 – 15

 The Clock Drawing Test. Do at Home Dementia Test.

To begin the demenia clock test ask the person to draw a clock faceThis is probably the best and most widely used do at home dementia test you or a person can take to help determine if an individual has a problem with their memory.

The clock drawing test is also widely used by GP’s and dementia specialists. They can be used to give a quick and simple early diagnosis that there could be a problem that warrants further investigation into the individuals memory.

The clock drawing test should be done on a blank piece of paper. Ideally an A4 size piece of paper that allows the person to draw freely.


  • Ask the person to draw a clock
  • Then ask the person to put in all the numbers onto the clock face
  • Then ask the person to draw the hands onto the clock. Give them a time to set the Clock drawing test, ask the person to draw the time onto the clock faceclock to. IE. Draw the hands to read 3 o clock.

The dementia clock test results should be judged on the following points. You should award 1 point for each correct answer.

  • How well the person drew the clock circle
  • Has the person included all the numbers 1-12
  • Are all the numbers drawn in the correct order on the clock face and in the correct place
  • Did they draw 2 hands on the clock
  • Does the hands on the clock say the correct time you asked them to draw
Dementia Clock Test Results

– A normal score for the test is four or five points. Anything less than four points should be a concern.

The clock drawing test should be a very simple test to somebody with normal cognitive abilities but if a person has memory difficulties then it may become apparent that there is a problem.

If you have any concerns about the results of any of the tests you should seek further advice from the individuals doctor.


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