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Dementia directory with news and products to assist those living with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

There are many fantastic dementia charities based in the UK. They are able to help & support you along the way with many different kinds of dementia. Some of the great smaller UK charities are tailored specific to one disease like vascular dementia or Lewy body. Some of the large nationwide UK charities include the Alzheimer’s Society. Admiral Nurses provided by DemetiaUK. Day centres and activities that are run by AgeUK plus many more fantastic local and regional organisations.

We have provided contact details and addresses of some of the many support groups and organisations throughout the UK that could help carers, families and friends of people who are living with dementia. They are able to give help & support to individuals and families living with dementia.

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We have a dementia blog where we have provided information on dementia. You can find many videos on living with dementia. Including some of the many great services that are available throughout the UK. You can also view many of our product reviews. Such as helpful products like bed and floor alarm mats or simple clocks and puzzles.

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