Carers Support Groups. Help Get Your Life Back

Carers support groups can help you as the carer of somebodyCarers support groups provide information and help to anybody who is caring for somebody that needs additional help and information.

Most carers don’t want sympathy, they just want somebody to understand them and give them support.

If you are a carer there are many support groups who are there to help you. Many organisations provide places where you as a carer can go and talk to other people in your situation. One such place is the carers forum.

They can give you support by giving advise on a particular subject like caring for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s or just a place to go and talk with other carers to share your thoughts and opinions. » Read more

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Wonderland. Granny’s Moving In

BBC dementia documentary film on living with the disease

Dementia documentary into caring for somebody with dementia

With the rising retirement care home costs in the UK more and more people are having to move an elderly relative into their own home. The BBC has made a documentary about the subject and the programme was shown last night on BBC 2.

The 1 hour documentary is about a couple called Sue and Phil Carroll who have Sue’s 83-year-old mum, who is in the early stages of dementia, comes to live with them in their home.

By Paddy Wivell – Shown on the BBC 2  on 7/3/12 » Read more

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Carers, Don’t End Up Needing Care Yourself.

Help and support for carers when they need it

Support for carers. Even a carer need help at times

Support for carers is available for people who care for somebody with dementia.

Caring for somebody that has dementia can be rewarding but also frustrating, hard work and often a thankless task due to the nature of the condition the person is suffering from.

But there are times when even a carer need help. There are many organisations that provide support for a carer. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are a carer of somebody with an illness.

We take a look a some of the ways that you as the carer can get help and support so you don’t end up needing care yourself.


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