Living with dementia. ITV tonight programme.

Watch the ITV onight programme on living with dementia on ITV playerITV’s popular current affairs programme called ‘Tonight’ broadcast a programme last night on living with dementia.

Fiona Foster meets experts and carers who help those individuals with the illness cope with the condition and she also meets people who are trying to make a difference to the lives of the people with dementia. » Read more

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Dementia Training Courses

Learn about dementia with do at home dementia training courses

Dementia training courses online

Have you ever wanted to learn more about dementia? Why not take a dementia training course

The are dementia training courses can be studied online. They are provided by the Skills Network where you can learn about dementia awareness and dementia care. With an NCFE Level 2 certificate in the principles of dementia care.

The dementia training courses are ‘Learn from home dementia training courses’. There is no exam at the end and the course last 10-16 weeks.

The NCFE Level 2 certificate dementia training course online will help those in the caring profession, home carers of somebody with the condition as well as those people who are looking at furthering their qualifications and knowledge of dementia care. » Read more

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New outreach care services

New outreach services
New outreach care services

Care in the community goes mobile with outreach care services

The term “outreach” is being coined more and more by care service providers as the funding for care services changes with more demand for home based caring in the community.

We take a look at what are outreach care services. Who are providing the outreach care services. How you can learn more about how the service can benefit you if you are a carer or an individual who suffers from a disease such as dementia.

You can now apply for direct payments to meet care costs if you as the carer or an individual you care for gets help via social services and has been assessed as needing care and support.

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What is a Memory Box? How to make one

Make a memory box to help remember past events and great for saving memories for the future

Simple to make or buy memory box. Just buy or find a rigid cardboard box

A memory box is a time capsule that connects an individual or group of people with the past through the items that the box contains.

A memory box is different to a memory book.

There are many reasons why you may want to make up a memory box, maybe to help preserve your own families memories, to educate children or maybe, as we are going to do today, for somebody with dementia to help stimulate their memory. » Read more

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How to Better Understand Communication Through Behavior

Help understand a person with dementia through their communication behaviors

Learn communication behaviors

We can learn what an individual with dementia is thinking by their communication behaviors. Especially if they find it difficult to talk or find the correct words.

If a person has later-stage dementia their ability to communicate will become more difficult as the disease progresses.

So it is vital to try to understand the ways in which the person will talk. Or try to express their feelings and let you know their thoughts about what they are thinking and feeling. This is often done through their communication behaviors.
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