Gift Ideas for Somebody Living with Dementia

Find great gift ideas for somebody living with dementia. Buy from Amazon

Find gift ideas for somebody living with dementia. Do you want to buy something that somebody living with dementia will find stimulating, useful & interesting? Are you thinking you want to buy something different from the usual ‘socks or woolly jumper’?

Then please have a look at the list of gift ideas we have put together for 2018. We have some of the most popular gifts with big discounts and at the best-prices. We hope you find some interesting gift ideas that somebody will love for a celebration like a birthday or anniversary. » Read more

5 Simple Games to Help Stimulate the Memory of a Person with Dementia

Games to Stimulate the Memory. Play games to help your brain keep fit and healthy

Games to Stimulate the Memory

We have 5 simple games you can play to help stimulate the memory of a person with dementia.

These are games you can play at home, day centre’s or care home.

Playing games and puzzles like the ones below are an easy way to help aid communication & help stimulate the memory of a person with dementia without being to physical. They can also provide enjoyment, laughter and harmony within a group of people living with dementia.

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Jigsaw Puzzles. A simple, old fashioned way to exercise the mind

Jigsaw puzzles can be a great way to help fight dementia

Jigsaw puzzles. A great way to stimulate the memory and help fight off dementia

Jigsaw puzzles are an excellent way to exercise the memory.

Jigsaw puzzles seem a bit old-fashioned and dull to most people but the good old-fashioned jigsaw could be a great way to help fight off early onset dementia¬†and other forms of dementia’s as we grow older research has suggested.

If you know or care for a person who has a memory loss condition,  it may well help them to exercise their memory by using old-fashioned jigsaw puzzles.

They can be done at leisure, they are cheap to buy and can be easily saved. » Read more