Is Dementia Hereditary?

Is dementia hereditary? We take a lok at how DNA could play a part

Is dementia hereditary?

Is dementia hereditary? This is one question that we get asked on a regular basis.

It’s not surprising that it’s a question people want an answer to. Especially with the growing number of people around the world developing diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body, Vascular or one of the many other forms of dementias.

Many people, especially if a family member has a memory loss disease are worried that they can inherit dementia themselves. Could they also pass the conditionĀ on to their children through their genes?

So should we be worried about the fact that can dementia be inherited? » Read more

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5 Warning Signs of Dementia.

What are the warning signs of dementia?

Look for warning signs of dementia

Warning signs of dementiacan be detected when you know what to look for.

As we grow older our ability to do physical things tends to slow a little, it’s what we expect. We don’t seem to have the same amount of energy to do things as fast as we did when we were younger.

The daily routine of cooking, cleaning and personal hygiene tend to go on throughout our lives on a daily basis albeit in a slightly slower manner. » Read more

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First Signs of Dementia

Do you suspect the first signs of dementia in someone or even yourself? Would you like to know more ways to recognise the first signs of dementia?

Memory loss should always be investegated further as it could be the first signs of dementia

Look closer at what is causing memory problems

We take a look at how to recognise the first signs.

It as always a good idea to be checked by a doctor if you do suspect that yourself or somebody you know is having memory problems.

If you or the individual are reluctant to see a GP, why not take a simple dementia test? This is a simple way to help you recognise you are having memory problems. This may help you recognise that your memory is being affected by something that needs further investigation. » Read more

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