Dutch Dementia Care Home Leads the Way

Dutch Dementia Care HomeA Dutch dementia care home is leading the way in creating an environment for patients by creating what has been described as a living ‘alternative reality’

The care home has been designed by experts to give patients a safe and non-threatening environment as possible. The approach is to create a living and socializing space that is as close to reality as possible.

There is a shop on site that patients can buy goods in but with staff workers fully aware that they may get the odd person taking things without paying. Although this is not a problem. The staff simply record what the person has bought from the shop and sort it without adding to the persons confusion. » Read more

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Care Homes for Dementia

Help with choosing dementia care homes

Points to consider when choosing dementia care homes

Dementia care homes. What you should know.

If you have to help make a decision on placing a family member or friend into a dementia care home, the one thing that you will want to make sure is that the care home is the best one available .

This is especially true if the choice of residence lies with you.

There are different kinds of care homes, with some more specialized in care for a person with dementia than a normal residential home for the elderly would be. » Read more

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What are the Different Types of Care Home?

What are the different types of care homes

There are different types of care homes

We look at the different types of care homes available to an individual with dementia.

If a person needs more care than can be provided whilst the individual is living in their own home a care home may be the safest, most secure place for the individual.  In which case a permenent residence may be needed to provide specialist care that the person deserves.

But what are the different types of care homes that are available to a person with dementia and which one would be best? » Read more

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