Dutch Dementia Care Home Leads the Way

Dutch Dementia Care HomeA Dutch dementia care home is leading the way in creating an environment for patients by creating what has been described as a living ‘alternative reality’

The care home has been designed by experts to give patients a safe and non-threatening environment as possible. The approach is to create a living and socializing space that is as close to reality as possible.

There is a shop on site that patients can buy goods in but with staff workers fully aware that they may get the odd person taking things without paying. Although this is not a problem. The staff simply record what the person has bought from the shop and sort it without adding to the persons confusion.

Director of Innovation and co-founder Yvonne van Amerongen showed Anna Holligan from the BBC around their virtual village near Amsterdam.

You can watch the video below

What do you think of the dutch dementia care home?

The dutch dementia care home has been seen as a great way forward for specialist dementia care homes to give a great experience on a daily basis to sufferers of diseases such as Alzheimer’s. They have created a safe and secure way for individuals who live there to experience normal day-to-day living.

With daily activities provided by the care workers in the community areas, meals tailored to each individual and plenty of safe and secure areas for the residents to take plenty of exercise it looks a great way forward for live-in dementia care. Although we would guess that this would carry a fairly hefty price for residential care.

Is this the kind of care home environment that we should be looking to provide in the UK for sufferers? What do you think?

Let us know your thoughts below.

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