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Call along to dementia cafes for a cuppa and a chat

Dementia cafes are a hub of helpful resources

What are dementia cafes or memory cafes as they sometimes known? Who is the cafe for and what can I expect to find there?

Dementia cafes are where people can meet up with others that will often be in a similar situation to yourself, either suffering from a form of dementia or being the carer of someone suffering from the condition.

They are usually run on a monthly or weekly basis. Anybody can call in and can receive information and advise from trustworthy professionals, health care workers and carers that are trained in dementia care.

You can talk to others in confidence about any issue you may have and there is no charge for visiting. People that attend  dementia cafes can find a great support network in place that are there to help support you and give advise on what support is available to you.

You may want to pass on your own experiences and you can talk at ease knowing that you are not on your own, which often helps people to deal with either their own dementia or the care that they may be giving to their partners or family members that suffer from Alzheimer‘s or any other form of the condition.

Information is readily available at many centers about care plans, vouchers for day care and respite, help with caring for somebody with memory loss, what to expect as the condition progresses and  much more about support that is available in your local community to help you cope with anything that you may have concerns about.

Dementia cafes are a great place to meet people

“I recently went along  to my local Dementia Café and found it was a lovely friendly place and met many people with good advise. There was a member of Help Direct there and a solicitor who you could go to for advise. This was all useful for my present circumstances, being a carer for someone who has not long been diagnosed with dementia. There is also a day centre being held within the building caring for people suffering from different stages of Alzheimer’s. There was a wide range of stimulating activities going on which were personalized to each individuals needs and abilities.” This was a response we received when talking to a gentleman about his experiences with a dementia café that had recently been set up in his local community centre.

If you would like to find out where your local dementia cafe will be held you can get in touch with either your GP, local Age UK or Alzheimer’s Society group, local paper or by asking a local support group for dementia sufferers.

Dementia cafe video

Watch a video produced by Perth and Kinross Council, showing what it’s like to visit a dementia cafe. You can view the video below. You will not be redirected away.

Register your dementia cafe

If you would like your local dementia cafe to be found by people local to you please use the link below where you can find a great resource provided by and they will also list you cafe free of charge. You can search for your local cafe here

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  • Michael Joseph

    Fantastic scheme, sharing the knowledge and helping each other. This is exactly what we are trying to do with our website, a 24hour support and advice service.
    We’re new and small but we have high hopes and a good attitude.

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