What Can I Expect to Find at a Memory Cafe?

dementia cafe or often called memory cafesA dementia café can offer people with memory problems and their carers the chance to socialize and share information on dementia. 

They can be situated anywhere in the UK but are normally at a local day centre or local meeting place with easy access.

Dementia cafes are free to visit.

We take a look at how a memory cafe works and the kind of information you can expect to find.

Dementia cafes are a great place to visit

There are many useful resources all under one roof with many people in a similar situation to yourself. So you can discuss any subject that might help you to better deal with living or caring for somebody who has a form of dementia.

This might be legal advise or how to get the best care package for the person you care for. Or to simply know what services are available in your local area.

Watch the video on what to find at a dementia cafe

In the video below that has been made by NHS Choices, one such group talk about what the experience of visiting a local memory cafe means to them. How the specific activities offered at the memory cafe benefit them and how they learn more about living with dementia.

Where to find a dementia cafe in the UK

There are many national and local organisations that provide local memory cafe such as the Alzheimer’s Society and AgeUK.

They provide an excellent drop in service that everybody is encouraged to use. If you just want some advise or are unsure about something go along and you will be made welcome and you will find some excellent advice and links to local resources in your local area.

Please let us know about your local memory cafe below. If you would like us to include your group or local memory cafe that you think people will find useful please contact us and we will add you to our dementia groups page.


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