5 Warning Signs of Dementia.

What are the warning signs of dementia?

Look for warning signs of dementia

Warning signs of dementiacan be detected when you know what to look for.

As we grow older our ability to do physical things tends to slow a little, it’s what we expect. We don’t seem to have the same amount of energy to do things as fast as we did when we were younger.

The daily routine of cooking, cleaning and personal hygiene tend to go on throughout our lives on a daily basis albeit in a slightly slower manner.

But when these basic day-to-day activities begin to change in a person, especially if they are totally out of character then it may be signs of something more serious such as the early warning signs of dementia.

What behavior changes to look for

Below we look at five behavior changes to look for in a person to give you a better indication of whether the person should go to visit their GP with the suspicions they may be suffering from the early stages of dementia.

  1.  If a person repeats themselves whilst having a simple conversation.  They tell the you the same story again and again without being aware that they just told you the story.  They have trouble remembering the answers you gave them to a question they have asked several times. An example of this would be the person asks you several times within a few minutes apart, “when are you going to make the dinner”. This could be early warning signs of dementia.
  2.   If the person looses all interest in activities that they used to love and enjoy doing on a regular basis.  An example would be where the person used to regularly visit the local library and now they rarely visit at all.
  3. The person is having trouble doing every day tasks that were once simple to them. An example could be where they were always prompt with paying bills such as council tax, gas and electricity. Now they never pay their bills on time and there are letters demanding payments.
  4.  If person has trouble finding the correct word to describe a simple common object then this can be another early warning signs of dementia. They find difficulty expressing the word when speaking and often miss words out or substitutes the word for the wrong word, yet these are words they would previously used on a daily basis and would not have had difficulty with.  An example would be if they asked you to pass them the TV remote. Instead of asking for the TV remote (words they would normally use) they say “pass me the flicker for the thingy”
  5. The person is moody and gets easily upset or angered at things that never upset them before. They have big mood swings from happiness one minute to anger the next. They get frustrated at finding the right words to use or when trying to make a decision about a subject or something they were doing.

Other forms of warning signs of dementia

There are many other reasons that can cause the above five changes in a person and some of them are not warning signs of dementia. Some of the other reasons for memory loss can be seen in the article What are the causes of memory loss.

If you do start to repeatedly see changes in a person’s behavior mentioned above then it may be time to try to encourage the person to book an appointment with their doctor for further investigation into the causes of their behavior change and repeated forgetfulness.

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