Remembering Things is Difficult. Singing is Easier.

Singing for the brain is a great way to stimulate the mind

Singing is a great way to stimulate the mind

Singing for the brain is an initiative set up by the Alzheimer’s Society.

People with dementia and memory loss can struggle to remember things in their life but singing a song seems easy to a lot of people with the condition.

The words to the songs seem to be remembered easily if it is a song they are familiar with. Why this is the case is not fully understood yet.

We take a look at a video produced by NHS Choices

that shows a group of people using singing to give stimulation to people with Alzheimer’s disease. ‘Singing for the Brain’ is a service provided by the Alzheimer’s Society.

Singing for the brain

Singing makes for great fun and can also help a person to feel better. Improve their confidence with others, builds self-esteem and helps give a better quality of life to the person with dementia. It can also help those that are looking after the individual by helping with communication.

In 2003, Chreanne Montgomery-Smith, of the Alzheimer’s Society, came up with the idea of the “Singing for the Brain” sessions after noticing how some people with dementia responded to singing after observing them in a nursing home whilst playing a music quiz.

You can watch the video below

You can find more information and contact numbers for many groups and organisations including the Alzheimer’s Society who can help with dementia care and support on our groups page.

Please feel free to comment on how you use singing to stimulate the memories of people with a memory problem . I know from all the comments that we get that there are a great many benefits to singing a song.

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