Help Move a Person With a Swivel Seat.

A swivel seat allows a person with difficulty with movement to be moved more easier

Swivel seat can help with mobility when turning

Swivel seats are great to help a person turn and move when seated more easily.

If you are a carer looking after somebody with limited movement it can be difficult moving the person at times but a swivel seat can help.

If you are looking to aid mobility in a person that is sat on a chair or car seat that finds it difficult to get out of the chair or seat then a swivel seat could be the answer to help the individual with their movement.

Use on a car seat or chair

Swivel seats can be a great aid for helping an elderly person in and out of a car or an awkward space such as a dining table, motor car or even a stool or chair.

They makes moving a person whilst they are seated that little bit easier. They are also compatible with almost any style of seat in a car or dining chair in the home.

We take a look at the benefits of using a swivel cushion seat when helping move a person. How the swivel cushions can be used and what the prices are to buy a swivel seat are.

garden mile 40cm Fleece Padded Car Mobility Aids For Cars And Chairs Swivel Car Seats Rotating Car Seat Cushions Large Swivel Car Seat Cushions For Disabled.
  • CUSHIONED CAR COMFORT - These Car Seat Pads Are Fantastic For Travelling On Holidays In The Car Or Driving For Work. Made To Assist Your Mobility These Cushions Will Make Getting In And Out Of Your Car Much More Comfortably.
  • SUPREMELY COMFORTABLE - The soft, comfortable, fleece cushion is 4cm (1.5") thick for superior comfort and measures 38cm (15") diameter. The flame-retardant fleece cover is removable and machine washable for longer lasting life. And a rubber lip around the sturdy seat base helps protect your car or home seats. There is a detachable harness which loops on to the seat belt of your car, so it stays firmly in position when you get in and out of the vehicle or table.
  • VERSATILE - These Fantastic Rotating Car Cushion Pads Are Not Only For Use In The Car But They Are Fully Portable And Can Be Used At Home Whilst At The Dinner Table On Your Pc At Work Or For Those Who Have To Use A Wheelchair The Uses Are Endless.
  • MATERIAL - These Tough And Durable Seat Pads Are Made From Breatheable Machine Washable Fleece Material.
  • DIMENSIONS - 38cm x 6cm (Approx)

Benefits of a swivel seat

  • A swivel seat or chair can be used to help a person in and out of a car seat by spinning the person on an axis. This allows the passengers legs to be placed in and out of the car with ease
  • Attachable safety belt for car use are included in the price
  • Light in weight.
  • Made from strong robust plastic that is easily cleaned.
  • Comfy, washable cushion seat.
  • Very light weight. The seat can be easily moved, re-positioned and moved to different seats around the home or car.
  • Swivel chairs can help the individual when sitting at a table by allowing easier movement of the individuals legs.
  • Very reasonable in price to buy.
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