Photograph Telephone Keypad for People with Dementia

Corded photo phone with big button ideal for seniors and people with memory problems

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Corded photo phone have extra-large buttons set on a spacious keypad making it easy for dialling of telephone numbers if a person is visually impaired, elderly or is unsteady with their hands.

It’s a great telephone for a person suffers from dementia because the telephone has pictures located on the keypad above the big telephone number buttons that can be programmed to ring the person that is located in the photo.

Simple to operate corded photo phone

To operate, you simply push the photo-buttons and the person in the picture is dialled. This is a telephone designed to be used with a landline and because it’s attached with a cord the handset will not get lost.

The corded photo phone can help people with memory loss disease such as Alzheimer’s and dementia by helping with a persons recognition but can also be easily used by anybody.

A telephone with photo buttons can be a great benefit for the elderly, senior or frail, especially if mobile numbers are stored with the photo keypad buttons. No more having to remember or dialling of long mobile numbers. You can simply programme the phone numbers to correspond to the photos on the buttons and once pressed the telephone number will automatically be dialled.

The corded telephone is ideal for the home and can also be set to ring very loud for the hard of hearing.

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We think this is an excellent corded photo phone product for the home if you suffer from dementia or memory loss. With extra-large photo buttons that you can easily change. Saves the frustration that can be associated with  trying to remember telephone numbers. This is a corded telephone that stops the handset getting lost.


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