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Tabtime automatic pill dispensor

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Medelert, made by TabTime

Tabtime automatic pill dispenser can help a person safely take their prescribed pills or tablets at a set time of day.

The Medelert pill dispenser can easily be filled with tablets and programmed by the user or relatives or carers to dispense pills up to 6 times a day.

With it’s enhanced functionality and proven reliability Tabtime pill dispensers are the preferred choice among professional care agencies within the NHS and local authority social services.

The Tabtime pill dispenser is a perfect memory aid and uses an alarm and flashing light to remind users when to take their medication.

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Watch The Video. Medelert Automatic Pill Dispenser

Watch as the inventor of the Medelert pill dispenser, Terry Jackson explains what the benefits of the medication dispenser are and how the Medelert works.

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Our Review of the Automatic Pill Dispenser

Buying an automatic pill dispenser over other types of pill dispensers will allow users to access their correct dosage of medication at the appropriate time of day or night whilst also keeping the other pills locked out of sight.

This is a great product if you as the carer are responsible for administering somebody’s medication and find it difficult to be with the person at the time of day they need to take their medication. The medication can be dispensed up to 6 times a day or once a day for 28 days or a combination of anything in between.

At a pre-programmed time the Tabtime automatic pill dispenser will sound an alarm and a flashing light to remind the user to take their medication. At this point the unit will also rotate the compartment so that the medication can be easily accessed.

This is ideal for a person with dementia because often a suffer will forget to take their medication.

When the user tips the unit to access the medication the alarm and flashing light will cancel. The dispenser can also be set to activate two compartments for a single alarm. This can be extremely useful for larger medication doses.

Automatic Pill Dispenser receives 5 stars in the dementia review

This product receives 5 stars

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  • jenny

    Please could you provide some information on how your pill dispenser work, ie how you load it. Thankyou. Ps nice site.

    • Hello Jenny,
      The Automatic Pill Dispenser holds a tray which contains 29 different compartments. At pre-programmed times, which can be up to 28 times in a day, the tray rotates within the dispenser and the next compartment containing the pills becomes visible through an aperture in the lid and the pre programmed alarm signal sounds

      The pre programmed alarm can be set so it sounds the alarm for up to 1 hour or until the dispenser is tilted at an angle. The appropriate medication is delivered by tilting the dispenser so that the pills fall into the hand or suitable container. The alarm signal will then stop.

      The refill frequency of the medication dispenser will depend upon the number of daily medications taken (up to 28).
      For example:
      – Once a day, medication refill can be every 28 days
      – Twice a day, medication refill can be every 14 days
      – Three times a day, medication refill can be every 9 days
      – Four times a day, medication refill can be every 7 days
      – Seven times a day, medication refill can be every 4 days

      Hope this helps. I have sent you more info by email.

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