The Truth About Dementia. BBC 1 With Angela Rippon

Angela Rippon investegates dementia on the BBC 1 programme

BBC 1 programme with Angela Rippon. Truth About dementia

Did you watch the BBC 1 programme last night on the truth about dementia? Well I did and found it a very interesting look at dementia in today’s society.

The BBC programme was hosted by the delightful Angela Rippon. You may remember her from some of the many programmes she has made over the years but you will more than likely remember her from when she was a BBC news presenter.

Now into her 70’s, Angela Ripon hosted the programme that looked into dementia across the world. How we were approaching the disease, ways to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and the preventions and predictions for dementia as we get older.

Angela Rippon’s mother was taken by the awful disease so it seemed fitting for her to investigate the disease that took her mother’s life and is now starting to affect her friends.

Dementia tests and prevention’s as we get older

In the BBC programme shown at 9pm on BBC 1 she looks at how tests for dementia can be taken to discover if you have a greater risk of developing the disease and ways in which we can help prevent the disease as we get older.

She learns that a good nights sleep can be a way of repairing the brain and that learning things like a new foreign language can be as good for the brain as taking the best medication available for Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Angela also meets families that live in hope for a cure as they are born with a rare gene that is inherited from their parents that gives them a 50/50 chance of developing the disease leading to early onset Alzheimer’s in their late 30’s or 40’s.

Watch the programme on the BBC iplayer for free

If you want to watch the BBC 1 programme on the truth about dementia with Angela Rippon you have 30 days to do so on the BBC iplayer. (Available to watch until 17 June 2016) The programme is free to watch and you can find the link to the programme here

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