Footballing Great Jimmy Hill has Alzheimer’s

Football legend Jimmy Hill has developed Alzheimers disease.

Jimmy Hill is famous for his chin and for his 25 years on the  BBC football show ‘Match of the Day’

Last weekend, Jimmy Hills family revealed that the former footballer, manager and TV pundit had developed Alzheimer’s disease 5 years ago.

Mr Hill, who is now 85, was first diagnosed with dementia in 2008. He is well known for radically changing the face of football in the UK for a number of reasons.

In 1981 he helped introduce the ‘3 points for a win’ rule and he helped bring in the idea of all seating stadiums at football matches when he became the first English club chairman to abolish standing at games.

Jimmy Hill Changed Modern Day Football

He also went on to become chairman of the PFA. At the time when he took the job there was a wages cap on football players which meant that the maximum wage for a player was just £20.00 a week. Mr Hill was instrumental in ending the cap whilst he was chairman of the PFA.

But Jimmy Hill will be best remembered by many footballing fans for hosting Match of the day on the BBC. He was a firm fixture on the popular footballing show between the years 1973 to 1998.

No powers of attorney for Jimmy Hills children

Speaking in the Telegraph about their fathers Alzheimer’s, Mr Hills youngest son Jamie, 46, and his sister Joanna, 50, spoke of how their father had given joint powers of attorney to his current wife Bryony and a solicitor in 2005. This was done when he was still in good health. This means that Mr Hills children have no say on how Mr Hills affairs or care are conducted in the future.

Joanna, “It is a shame that we as his children have no rights over his treatment and care. Children whose parents have married more than once should be made aware that they will be unable to influence their affairs if they register a power of attorney,” she said.

Jimmy Hill has 5 children from his two previous marriages but has no children to his current wife Bryony, age 62. He was admitted to a nursing home in 2012 on the south coast of England and he is said to be in good health although his mind is not what it was.

All the best Jimmy

I fondly remember Jimmy Hill on TV as a kid so it’s very sad to hear the news of his condition. And the situation his children and his current wife find themselves in. The story shows how ‘powers of attorney’ can affect a whole family and how difficult decisions have to be made when a person gets a diagnosis of dementia.

I wish Jimmy Hill and all his family all the best now and in the future.

Jimmy Hill Update

Sadly on 19th December 2015 Jimmy Hill passed away. I, like many others are saddened by the news. We wish his family and friends all the best and we thank Jimmy for all he gave to football.

If you would like to know more about the life of Jimmy Hill why not check out the great information provided on the Wikipedia page

James William Thomas “Jimmy” Hill. A true legend.

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