Is it the End for Lesley in Coronation Street?

Is it the end for Lesley in Coronation Street? Eileen gets involved with caring for Lesley

Is it the end for Lesley in Coronation Street.

Is this the end for Lesley in Coronation Street.

We have followed the Coronation Street story since the script writers decided to introduce a character into the street with Alzheimer’s disease back in July 2011.

We have watched many scenes involving other members of the street that have been affected by Lesley’s actions.

In many scenes involving Lesley, Paul and Eileen we have been shown a true depiction of how carers and loved ones have to deal on a daily basis with a person with Alzheimer’s disease.

But is it the end for Lesley in Coronation Street (played by Judy Holt) and her fight against Alzheimer’s?

Is This The End for Lesley in Coronation Street?

It has come as a shock to followers of the popular British soap to learn that Lesley’s exit from the popular ITV show will be in such a dramatic way. Many people are disappointed that the story writers are bringing her character to an end in such an unrealistic way. Many viewers feel that her exit could have been dealt with in a more sympathetic way. Are the story writers after the big headlines with the story or are they shying away from dealing with the issue?

Many followers of Coronation Street and especially the ones that are affected by somebody with dementia and Alzheimer’s are disappointed by such an abrupt end. Many believe much more could have been done to bring awareness to the condition that is said to affect over 800,00 people in the UK alone.

Lesley in Coronation Street has brought more awareness to Alzheimer’s

At the end of the day you could say Coronation street have played their part in bringing much-needed awareness to the disease that is Alzheimer’s. Many people, including myself are grateful for what the show has done to highlight the problems carers and families have to face when dealing with a person with dementia.

We also have to try to remember that Coronation Street is not reality, or a government advertisement. it is just a popular show that is judged on the number of viewers that tune in ever week.

Updates and watching Lesley in Coronation Street

We will have an update on how Lesley will exit the soap later this week. You can watch Coronation Street all this week on ITV at 9pm after Britain’s Got Talent. Or watch Coronation Street later with the ITV player for the next 28 days.

If you missed watching any of the episodes of Coronation Street you can visit the homepage of Coronation street at ITV here. Sorry but these episodes of Coronation Street are no longer available to watch on the Itvplayer.

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  • Christine Michael

    I was surprised to hear that Lesley will be making an abrupt exit from Coronation Street. I agree with you that it seems like a bit of dramatic cop-out, and I also think it would have been more realistic to portray Alzheimer’s disease in a much older person; perhaps they will do that at some point. It’s certainly a very different portrayal from that of Jack Woolley in the Archers. But for those of us who don’t have personal experience of dementia I think it is important to be reminded of its impact.

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