Will Eating Fish Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?

Eating fish helps prevent Alzheimer's a study suggests

Eating fish Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s a Study Suggests

Eating fish helps prevent Alzheimer’s a USA study suggests. It is widely known that eating fish is good for the brain but a new study carried out by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh has found that there is a link between eating fish at least once a week and the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

The US scientists found that eating fish on a weekly basis appears to boost the size and health of the neurons in the brain.

The study was carried out over a 10 year period using MRI scans on the brains of 260 people of which 160 people ate fish on a regular weekly basis. The study showed that the regular eaters of fish had less deterioration in the areas of the brain that were affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s Omega 3 fish oil that prevents Alzheimer’s

The study suggested that eating fatty acids that are contained in the fish helped fight off the risk of developing  mild cognitive impairment (MCI), or early onset dementia as it is often known. The fatty acids work by stopping the brains grey matter from shrinking or dying off.

The author of the study is Dr Cyrus Raji, who commented. “This simple lifestyle choice increases the brain’s resistance to Alzheimer’s disease and lowers risk for the disorder.” He also said that by eating fish  “reduced the risk for five-year decline to MCI or Alzheimer’s by almost five-fold”. The study also found that eating fish boosted memory adding weight to the theory that fish is a “good for the brain food”

In order to get the right amount of fatty acids contained in the fish, you should always bake, poach or grill the fish portion and not fry the fish in order to preserve the good Omega 3 in fish that prevents Alzheimer’s.

Eating fish helps prevent Alzheimer’s the study suggests

The benefits of eating fish to help prevent the onset of early Alzheimer’s disease is good news for people worried about developing Alzheimer’s but this must be just one way in a list of many ways to help stave off dementia.

A good diet is important but it must always be remembered that just by eating fish once a week will not leave you immune to contracting Alzheimer’s. It must be remembered that good diet, regular exercising of the body and brain, not smoking and drinking less are all contributing factors in helping you live a healthier lifestyle without developing Alzheimer’s.

So what do you think about the evidence for eating fish prevents Alzheimer’s? Let us know your thoughts below.

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  • Darin Gazaille

    I leave a response when I like a post on a website or if I have something to contribute to the discussion on dementia. It is caused by the passion communicated in the post I browsed. And after reading this post “Will Eating Fish Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease”. I was actually moved enough to post a thought.
    Fish forget things in 2 seconds don’t they? Does this mean that fish have a form of Alzheimers? To cure Alzheimers do we have to eat something that has alzheimers? Weird if true.
    I would like to keep up with you. Could you list every one of all your public pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

    • Its a strange question and I’m not really sure that I have an answer. I would think that it won’t be true, having to eat an animal that has Alzheimer’s in order to cure Alzheimer’s disease in a person. I dont know if it has been researched yet. I’ll contact a few people i know and see if it has been studied and if there are any medical papers that relate to the subject.
      Thanks for the question though.
      Does anybody else know about the subject? Please leave a reply below if you do.

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