Is a Character on Coronation Street Going to Develop Dementia?

Coronation Street Part 1

Part 1 Coronation Street

Alzheimer's featured on Coronation Street?

ITV soap Coronation Street be using an Alzheimer’s storyline?

UPDATE 01/08/2017

*This article was written when we speculated that the story writers of Coronation Street were going to include Alzheimer’s in the programme. We were right! They introduced a character called Leslie who did develop dementia. You can read the story below.

But after watching an episode on Monday 31st of July 2017 are the story writers about to include dementia in the programme again? Could the story this time involve Rita!! *

Rumour has it that Coronation Street is about to involve a storyline where a character off the street will develop dementia.
But which character will it be?

We don’t want to speculate too much on the name of the person in the street who will have the story lines, but it most certainly will be one of the older character’s in the much-loved British soap. Unless they decide to draw awareness to the fact that Alzheimer’s can also affect younger people. Early onset dementia, can affect people in their early fifties so it might not necessarily be one of the older characters.

Ken Barlow is involved at present with a Story line that involves a bang to the head so is it Ken? Well we don’t know for sure but it well could be. Memory loss and bangs to the head go hand in hand with each other but this is usually only a temporary loss of memory.

Is it possible that the programme could be about to introduce a story line that involves one of the characters of the street developing Alzheimer’s? It would certainly give more awareness to the disease and get more people to understand the disease.

But is Coronation Street about to cover this subject? Close sources to the street say that it is considering the subject. If they do decide to introduce a story line with Alzheimer’s,  which character will they choose? Norris, Mavis, Ken or even Rita could be chosen.

It would ultimately lead to a loss of a character on Coronation Street

The deadly disease of Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease which means that there is no cure, the person only gets worse, never better, so whoever plays the part will eventually have to be written out of the soap because eventually the disease is fatal.

Whatever Coronation street decide to do I’m sure that the soap will show plenty of compassion and respect to the character and hopefully it will draw much more attention to this awful disease that has been predicted to affect over 1 million people in the UK by the year 2020.

We contacted the show to try to find out more information but nobody was available to comment. We have an update


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  • Dan

    It’s Rita I think, she’s started being forgetful lately

    • john

      Dan, I think you are right! We also believe it will be Rita.
      29/11/17 This is just an update as it turns out in Coronation Street that the lovely Rita had a brain tumour and was not going to be given a dementia storyline.

  • Sandra

    If they do portrait a character with dementia / Alzheimer’s, it would be helpful if it could be played out with the slow progression over several years, something that has always been lacking in dementia storylines in soaps, where affected characters usually only last a couple of months, and doesn’t show the true extent of how people’s lives, and their families are affected by the disease.

    • john

      Sandra, you are quite correct. When they used Leslie in the story lines her character was killed off far to quickly. As you say, the character (we are speculating Rita) they use should be in the programme more than a few months to help give a more realistic view of day-to-day living with a loved one with dementa.

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