What are the Causes of Memory Loss?

What causes of memory loss in a person?

What are the causes of memory loss and why might you get dementia? Well just because a person starts to forget things does not mean that the person is suffering from a medical brain disease like Alzheimer’s. It could just be a temporary reason like a head injury or even medication you might be taking.

There could be many other reasons for memory loss. So what are the most common causes of memory loss and what could be the reason for the memory loss?

Take a look at some of the causes of memory loss.

We all have varying abilities when it comes to remembering things. Some people just seem to have good memories and some people are more forgetful than others. Although telling someone with memory loss that they have dementia is a common joke when they forget something. Buy it can be quite frightening when a person does genuinely suffer from memory problems.

Here are a few of the reasons for memory loss

  • Stress – If we are stressed then we have a tendency to just concentrate on the
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    problem that is causing the stress. This often results in forgetting simple things. Stress is one of the most common causes of memory loss. Stress can also lead to other medical problems so always try to fight the reason for the stress.

  • Depression – memory loss and depression are closely linked. If a person has depression then remembering things can be the last thing on their mind. The mind is often dealing with problems the person is depressed with which can lead them to be preoccupied with other issues.
  • Other symptoms of depression can include a sad mood, loss of enjoyment and interest in subjects that they used to enjoy. Unusual sadness. Crying uncontrollably. Feelings of past and present guilt. Feelings of  uselessness. Little motivation. Sleep  problems. Constant tiredness. Difficulty with affection towards anything. Poor appetite. Bouts of aggression and restless.
  • Drugs – Some drugs can have side effects that cause memory loss. If a patient is taking more than one type of drug this can lead to confusion and memory loss if the drugs interact with each other. There are many other researches and medical experts that claim many illegal drugs such as marijuana or ecstasy can also be one of the causes of memory loss in later life. This can also include alcohol. Although this is not illegal it can lead to Korsakoffs disease. Which is a recognised  dementia due too alcohol.
  • Accident – If you have an accident to the head quite often this can lead to memory loss after the accident. The consequences can vary enormously from forgetting the events that led to the accident to having permanent damage to the memory. If you suspect somebody is suffering from memory loss due to a bang to the head it is always advisable to seek immediate medical attention from a hospital or doctor.
  • Age – Many people, especially as we reach the age of 60+ start to suffer from some form of memory loss. This memory loss is known as “age-associated memory impairment”, this is not the same as dementia. An example of this form of memory loss as we get older would be the ability to learn new procedures, understand technology or to even remember people’s names. Many people think that doing simple things like playing games, doing quizzes, crosswords, reading often, learning a new skill, exercising often, may all help to keep your memory in good shape as we get older.

 Other causes of memory loss

There can be many causes of memory loss amongst people who are not related to a brain disease such as Alzheimer’s or vascular dementia. If you would like to comment on any other reason please share them with us below.

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One comment

  • Bubber Watson

    I had a accident many years ago when cycling with my dog and got knocked off my bike by a car, he was driving to fast, and as a result I ended up in hospital after the accident. I dont remember anything and still dont to this day about it. I have problems still remembering things about my childhood.
    The doctors say it is because of a trauma to my head.(had to have 17 stitches)
    Nice look at why other people got memory loss and not just me
    Thankyou Bubber

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