Musical Activities for Older People

Silver Song Clubs help with musical activities for the elderly

Musical activities such as singing are great

Started in 2005, Sing For Your Life is a registered charity that supports musical activities for older people through singing.

They provide regular sessions of music making through their Silver Song Clubs through out day centre’s in the UK.

Benefits of Singing

We all know that singing a song can be a great way to bring people together. The sessions  can also provide a fun and exciting way to help people with mental conditions such as dementia.

Singing old songs can be a great activity for Alzheimer’s groups, care homes & day centres. The benefits of song and movement for the elderly can be huge. Research seems to suggest that singing can promote memory stimulation. Just look at how easy it seem to be for people with dementia to remember words to a song. Singing with movement, either in a chair or standing, also helps promote physical co-ordination. It can help combat loneliness and helps stop isolation and depression if done in a group environment.

It is also suggested that singing a song can also contribute towards people needing fewer visits to their GP and fewer prescriptions.

The Sing for your Life programme now has over 40 clubs throughout England and is supported by professionals and volunteers in hospitals, care homes and day centre’s for the elderly.

Musical Activities Provided at a Silver Song Club

Silver Song Clubs work using a range of musical activities. The activities are done to music that is tailored to the age range of those taking part. The music is designed to evoke memories of the participants. All are encouraged to join in the fun.

The activities involving music will include helping and encouraging the participants to use a range of easy to use instruments. These could be hand chimes and percussion instruments combined with gentle chair exercises.

Songs You Know By Heart: A Simple Guide for Using Music in Dementia Care
  • Mary Sue Wilkinson
  • Publisher: Mission Point Press
  • Paperback: 90 pages

Sing For Your Life National Lottery Grant

The Kent based charity has received over £250,000 of National Lottery Funding. This has allowed Sing For Your Life to train musicians and singers as well as carers and volunteers to deliver the music sessions throughout England. The music sessions are provided to a wide range of people.

With the National Lottery grant they have developed a unique opportunity for carers to lead music sessions themselves through its “Silver Box System”. This is where volunteers and carers use a modern version of the Victorian pianola. This instrument allows music session to be taken by people who have not had any musical training.

* Sing for your Life have reached the finals of The national Lottery Awards. Their Silver Song Clubs are competing in the “Best Health Project” along with 6 other projects. With the winners appearing on the BBC.

Sing For Your Life Video

Watch the video below to give you a taste of what a Silver Song Club is like.

Please visit the website for more information on how they can help bring singing with activities into your care environment.

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