Interactive Comedy for Older People

Laughing at something funny with comedy for older people

Comedy for older people

Silver Comedy has been set up to provide a safe and welcoming environment to give older people a place to have a laugh.

Care groups including day centres, supported housing and care homes have a chance to have fun and share a laugh amongst the staff and group members with comedy for older people.

They believe that we all can enrich our lives if we just have a little bit of fun along the way.

Enriching older people’s lives

Silver Comedy is a social enterprise, that work throughout the UK. They seek to enrich the lives of older people through actively engaging them in comedy workshops and performances given by trained comedians and entertainers.

“We use comedy workshops to actively engage older people with dementia alongside their carers and local staff and together we produced an improvised   Mockumentary.” said George Baddeley, managing director. “We use themes like ‘a day at the seaside’ or ‘the Queen’s visit’ to encourage the audience to use their memories.”

With the help of props, singing and jokes the audience is encouraged to join in making it a very interactive experience with the whole group encouraged to participate, although there is no pressure on people if they just want to just watch.

Silver Comedy,  are in the process of setting up a national network of specially selected comedians and comedy trainers to help them to carry out their comedy workshops on a national level.

What we think about comedy for older people

Here at we like the idea of helping people to remember and reminisce through comedy. Although it’s probably not everybody’s cup of tea. But for the vast majority of dementia sufferers, carers and helpers its great to be able to have a laugh alongside everybody that’s involved with the group.

It’s a great way to ‘let your hair down’ for a few hours at least knowing that it’s just for laughs.

You can watch a short video below to see the group in action as they perform a comedy session in Abbeyfield.

If you would like more information on what Silver Comedy can do for your group you can contact their managing director, George Baddeley.

Telephone: 07525 154616


Or visit their website:


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