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Find dementia care jobsAre you searching for dementia care jobs in the care sector? Do you want a job in dementia care? We hope we can help if you want to see what paid and voluntary vacancies are available with one of the big dementia care organisations.

Below we have listed some of the many care organisations who regularly recruit carers. You can find various positions within their organisations throughout the UK. From frontline carers of people living with dementia to care home and day centre managers.  If you are looking for dementia care jobs which involve a salary or voluntary dementia care job why not have a look at some of the jobs in dementia care below.

There are currently over 19,000 jobs that are available in the dementia care sector in the UK.

Search for jobs in dementia care

There are many job vacancies in dementia care throughout the UK. Some are in paid positions as well as many that are voluntary jobs. Some of the UK organisations that currently have jobs available are Bupa, Alzheimer’s Society, including Admiral Nurses & Alzheimer Scotland. But there are many other smaller dementia services throughout the UK that are always recruiting.

Is a dementia care job something you would like to do for a career? Then why not consider some of the many jobs in dementia care that are available in the care sector. They can provide very rewarding prospects.

Some of the dementia care jobs that are available when working within the dementia sector are :

  • Day care worker
  • Care home manager
  • Telecare
  • Home help
  • Social worker
  • Daycare co-ordinator
  • Dementia support worker
  • Fundraising

Dementia care jobs by organisation

If you would like to work for a particular dementia organisation we have a link to the vacancies pages that these organisations and charities provide. You can apply for these job positions via their recruitment page.

Alzheimer’s Society jobs. Paid and voluntary job vacancies in volunteering and paid positions

AgeUK jobs and positions available

Alzheimer Scotland dementia jobs


Do you are have any vacancies for jobs in the dementia care sector? Would like to add your page where people can search for dementia care jobs in your organisation? Then please send us some information. We will list your dementia care jobs for free on this page.

Why not contact your local dementia cafe if you feel you would like to help in some way. Volunteers are always being sought to help with the day-to-day running of local dementia services in your area. Or contact us with your details and we will do our best to put you in touch with others.

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