Gift Ideas for Somebody Living with Dementia

Find great gift ideas for somebody living with dementia. Buy from Amazon

Find gift ideas for somebody living with dementia. Do you want to buy something that somebody living with dementia will find stimulating, useful & interesting? Are you thinking you want to buy something different from the usual ‘socks or woolly jumper’?

Then please have a look at the list of gift ideas we have put together for 2018. We have some of the most popular gifts with big discounts and at the best-prices. We hope you find some interesting gift ideas that somebody will love for a celebration like a birthday or anniversary.

Great Gift Ideas For Somebody Living With Dementia

We have included the best available prices to buy on Amazon. You can order the gifts online safe in the knowledge that they are sold with a money-back guarantee. We hope you find something to buy that is a great gift to give & receive for somebody living with Alzheimer’s or any other dementia or memory problem.

FC Speed Cube No Stickers Magic Cube

 This cubed puzzle is a great gift idea for somebody with dementia.

The Speed Cube Magic puzzle has over 270 reviews and scores a fantastic 4.8 out of five on Amazon.

This is a brightly coloured, simple puzzle cube that is totally safe & environmentally friendly. It’s a great puzzle for somebody with dementia because it is made safe ABS plastic and is free from stickers. It’s a toy that’s similar to a rubrics cube but only has 4 squares per side of the cube. So it’s a puzzle that can be completed and will stimulate the mind of a person with dementia. Manufactured by FC MCBB the 6 sided cubed puzzle is ccompact and strong in its construction. It stimulates memory and hand coordination.

Reusable Water Painting Pictures

This simple, clean & stimulating painting kit allows you to paint a picture with just water.

The reusable magic painting kit has 5 reviews and scores an impressive 5 out of 5 on Amazon

No messy coloured paints involved. You simply paint the canvas with water and the picture magically comes alive. As though the painter has applied the paint themselves. Once the picture is complete, allow the canvas to dry. It can be reused again and again for up to 12 months.

This award-winning activity sold by Active-Minds is a great gift idea for somebody with dementia. It allows them to be an artist without the mess.

The water painting kit is sold with 5 different pictures you can paint.

Magnetic Puzzle. The Allotment.

This puzzle game is called the Allotment. It has 25 magnetic pieces of different vegetables that are easily stuck onto a board.

The range of magnetic puzzles from Active-Minds have had 5 reviews and they score a brilliant 5 out of 5 on Amazon

The magnetic puzzle can be great gift ideas for somebody living with dementia. It helps to stimulate the mind and helps coordination. Especially if a jigsaw puzzle could be too difficult to do. The puzzle cannot be done wrong. It reduces stress associated with doing puzzles because the pieces can be placed anywhere on the board.  They are great way to encourage communication and thought. Especially if the person has ever grown vegetables on an allotment or in a garden.

The series of magnetic puzzles sold by Active Minds is also available to buy with alternative picture themes. The magnetic puzzles available to buy are the Tool Shed, the delicious Baking Cupboard & the fabulous Sewing Box.


Jigsaw Puzzle. Seaside Nostalgia

Here we have a 35 piece jigsaw with a picture of an old-fashioned seaside. It is made by Active-minds and has large pieces made from tough plastic that are easy to clean.

The seaside Jigsaw has 10 reviews and scores an impressive 4.6 on Amazon

The jigsaw pieces fit into a frame that has an outline of the picture imprinted on the frame. This helps to show the user where the pieces fit. The large pieces simply match up to the background outline. This is a great jigsaw for those with mid stage dementia.

A jigsaw is a traditional and timeless gift ideas for somebody living with dementia. They help with coordination as well as stimulating the mind.

You can buy jigsaws with any number of pieces and a wide variety of pictures. But please remember that buying a jigsaw with over 100 pieces can become frustrating and stressful for somebody with later stage dementia. Whereas a simple jigsaw with fewer pieces can become a rewarding accomplishment when completed. Here we have a 35 piece jigsaw. They are quite simple to complete.

Other Jigsaw Gift Ideas

You might want to buy a jigsaw as a gift with more or fewer pieces to the puzzle. Or one with a different picture. These could include jigsaw with pictures of dogs, cats, trains or boats.

You can view a range of 13, 24 or 63 piece jigsaw here


Music Player for Somebody with Dementia

This simple music player is a fantastic gift to give somebody living with dementia. Bring music back into someones life with this simple to operate music player.

The Simple Music Player made by E2L has 5 reviews and scores 4.8 on Amazon

To operate. You simply plug the music player into your computer to download their favorite songs onto the player. New songs can be easily downloaded from apple or one of the many available music stores. The songs are played when the lid is lifted. When the lid is closed the music stops. The song continues when the lid is lifted again. The songs are played in the order you downloaded them onto the music player.

There is a big button under the lid that once pressed, allows the person to skip to the next song. The volume can be set by carers & family that has been made so it can’t be easily or accidentally changed. 

Music seems to be easily remembered and enjoyed by people with dementia. Its one area things that still baffles researchers. Why can a person remember the words from songs yet other things can be so difficult to remember. So why not give somebody with dementia this great gift that they will enjoy again and again.

Real-life Battery Operated Pet Dog 

This realistic, sleeping dog is one of a range of life-like pets sold by Perfect Petzz. They can make great gift ideas for people living with dementia. Especially if the person used to have a pet.

The Perfect Petzzz 4905, Plush, King Charles cocker spaniel dog has over 55 reviews and score an average 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon

 Perfect Petzzz manufacture a range of real-life, battery operated, furry pets. They range from cats that pur to the sleeping King Charles Cocker Spaniel we have for sale. The range of real-life pets made by Perfect Petzzz are very popular soft cuddly pet that have bellies that breathe and have synthetic fur that is soft to touch. They are sold with a certificate of adoption.

The pets are sold in an attractive presentation box with a carry handle.

There are many other gift ideas you could choose. With other popular choices being simple to understand clocks, colouring and reading books.  Please let us know if you have any other suggestions or gift ideas for somebody living with dementia that you think would find useful, stimulating or rewarding.

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