NHS Choices Video on Early Onset Dementia

Early Onset Dementia video by NHS ChoicesTake a look at this early onset dementia video. Produced and provided by NHS Choices. 

It features John and his wife Shirley. They talk about the early days of when they suspected something was wrong with John.

They describe how they first noticed the signs of john’s forgetfulness on holiday and how they’ve adapted their lives since Johns diagnosis.

We also hear from Steve Milton, Director of Innovations in Dementia as he explains the value of early diagnosis and planning for a future.

You can watch the Early Onset Dementia video below.

There are many useful organisations and support groups that can help you if you would like to know more information about early onset dementia and how it affects a person.

We also have several other videos provided by NHS Choices. We have a video on what it’s like to visit a memory cafe here.

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