New outreach care services

New outreach services
New outreach care services

Care in the community goes mobile with outreach care services

The term “outreach” is being coined more and more by care service providers as the funding for care services changes with more demand for home based caring in the community.

We take a look at what are outreach care services. Who are providing the outreach care services. How you can learn more about how the service can benefit you if you are a carer or an individual who suffers from a disease such as dementia.

You can now apply for direct payments to meet care costs if you as the carer or an individual you care for gets help via social services and has been assessed as needing care and support.

What is outreach care services?

The new outreach care services will allow you to choose and buy the services you need yourself, instead of getting them direct from your local council.

Each care service provider will have their own way of providing outreach care that can include many different services or tailored to a niche service.

Basically outreach care services are where a carer or service provided by a carer, is provided by an organization. They will usually visit the home of the individual and design a package of care that is acceptable to the carer and person in need of the care that is within a budget that is awarded for the care of the individual to meet their needs.

Everybody’s needs are different and it’s no different with dementia care. Now with the introduction of the direct payment scheme to individuals being assessed as needing care, service providers throughout England, Scotland and Wales are responding by providing an outreach care service to meet this new way of paying for services that the care organization can provide to an individual needing care.

The government direct payment scheme has been designed to give greater control and choice to individuals on how their money allocated to their care needs is spent on providing the care they need within the community.

The money allocated to the individual must be spent on the outreach care services that will meet their needs to provide care that they have been assessed as needing to maintain them a good quality of life.

How does an outreach service work?

The person who is in need of the care or the carer for the individual, depending on who is in receipt of the direct payments, will have the responsibility on deciding how the persons needs are met. This can be by employing people such as personal care assistants, or by commissioning services they themselves feel the person needs to meet the care needs.

The outreach support carer or service provided can be utilized in the best way the recipient of the direct payment sees fit. This could be by taking the person with dementia out on a day trip, providing personal care in the home such as bathing the individual, transporting and caring for the individual in day centre’s or day trips out.

Many different structures of care can be bought or any other activity the recipient of the direct payment feels will benefit the individual in meeting their care needs.

Who is an outreach service for?

Outreach services are for any individual who is in need of care or can be given to help support a carer.

Benefits of an outreach service with direct payments?

The Benefits of using an outreach service are many. Greater flexibility over care, more control of tailored care to an individual, more focus on helping the carer receive respite care in the home of the person needing care, the list goes on.

But one of the greatest benefits now that it can be combined with direct care payments is that rather than just having the choice of  care  with what your local council provides you get better choice of care because you can choose the service yourself to meet the care needs of the individual or the carer.

Who provides outreach care?

There are many providers of outreach care services such as AgeUk, The Alzheimer’s society and many private organizations that now provide a service classed as “outreach care”

We would love to hear your opinions, so if you know of a good outreach service provider or an organization that you feel provides an excellent outreach service please let us know below.

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