Living with dementia. ITV tonight programme.

Watch the ITV onight programme on living with dementia on ITV playerITV’s popular current affairs programme called ‘Tonight’ broadcast a programme last night on living with dementia.

Fiona Foster meets experts and carers who help those individuals with the illness cope with the condition and she also meets people who are trying to make a difference to the lives of the people with dementia.

If you are looking for the BBC programme ‘The truth about dementia’ with Angela Ripon shown on 10/05/16 you can find it here

It is estimated that by 2021 the number of people living with dementia in the UK will reach one million and it is estimated that one in three of us will develop the condition in later life. Following on from the G8 dementia summit. Held in London in December 2013, David Cameron has pledged more funding for the research into dementia related illnesses.

How music is helping individuals living with dementia

The ITV programme also looks at ways in which music is being used to stimulate the memories of suffers by helping families create playlist of music that the individuals hopefully can relate to. In the programme we see how effective this can be. We watch a scene where a husband gives his wife a response by holding her hand whilst listening to a recording of African music that he used to like. In another scene we see another lady get a smile and response from her mother, by playing a song that her mother used to sing to her as a child.

Even though a close family member might feel as though they are losing the person to the condition. It’s very encouraging to see that there are ways in which personal communication and reactions can be still made with a dementia sufferer in the later stages of the disease.

The ITV programme on living with dementia is available to watch on the ITV player until 7th of June 2014.

Please follow the link below if you would like to watch the programme on living with dementia on the ITV player. You may have to sign on to gain access to the video.



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