Improving Dementia Care Services. A Short Video

Video on improving dementia care

Improving dementia care video

In this short video on improving dementia care we listen to David Behan who is the Governments Director General for Social Care and Local Government Care Partnerships. He talks about improving dementia care in the UK.

Key points from the video are.

  • There needs to be good quality early intervention and diagnosis.
  • Improvement in quality of care provided by all hospitals when treating people with dementia.
  • Care homes who care for people with dementia need to be encouraged to help  sufferers to live well and for the services that the care homes provide need to support the needs of people with the condition.
  • Reducing by two-thirds the use of anti psychotic medication in the treatment for dementia.

You can watch the video on improving dementia care below.

Below is a small clip from an article on improving dementia care, written by Professor Bob Woods, with input from Graham Dixon and Mat Phillips for NHS Wales

Dementia is a major concern for health and social care services throughout the UK and the rest of the world. It is the single most frequent cause of admission to care homes, and of the need for community care services for older people. Although most people with dementia are in later life, younger people may also be affected, and often receive care in services designed for older people.
The demographics of an ageing population means the number of people with dementia is projected to increase by around a third by 2021. The needs of people with dementia and their supporters already require high levels of health and social care inputs; meeting the projected needs of this rapidly growing group is widely recognised as representing a considerable challenge to governments and to society.
In England, dementia is now seen as an NHS priority area, and earlier in 2009 a
National Dementia Strategy was launched. In Wales, the Minister for Health set
up a Task and Finish Group to produce a National Dementia Plan for Wales.
The draft plan was subject to extensive consultation in the summer of 2009.

Let us know what you think about the approach the Government has on improving dementia care. Are they getting it right?

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