Can you stay calm and relaxed for 2 minutes?

Can you stay calm and relaxed for two minutes?

Can you stay calm and relaxed?

It’s difficult to stay calm and relaxed at times and especially so if you are suffering from dementia. So why not take this simple online test.

I have to admit that it took me 3 attempts before I actually sat there for 2 whole minutes. You can even go back to it at times when you feel you need that two minutes to relax.

The idea is that you don’t touch your computer or mouse for two minutes. Sit there calm and relaxed and do nothing. It’s sometimes more difficult than you think.

From the creator of ‘million dollar homepage’ comes the calm and relaxed app

It’s a really good idea that has been thought up by creator Alex Tew. You might remember him from A simple, yet genius idea that aimed to make, and did make Alex, 1 million dollars by selling 1 million pixels.

I hope you enjoy it.

You can find the “do nothing for 2 minutes” test here.


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