Dementia TV Advertisement

The government is launching a new dementia tv advertisement with a video to help people spot the early signs of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s in a person.

The video is going to focus on raising the awareness of people who go undiagnosed with dementia. Getting an early diagnosis for the disease is crucial to help the individual lead a better quality of life.

You can watch the Government TV advert on dementia below

Let us know what you think.
Does the dementia tv advertisement bring more awareness to the disease?


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Dementia Cafe’s

Call along to dementia cafes for a cuppa and a chat

Dementia cafes are a hub of helpful resources

What are dementia cafes or memory cafes as they sometimes known? Who is the cafe for and what can I expect to find there?

Dementia cafes are where people can meet up with others that will often be in a similar situation to yourself, either suffering from a form of dementia or being the carer of someone suffering from the condition.

They are usually run on a monthly or weekly basis. Anybody can call in and can receive information and advise from trustworthy professionals, health care workers and carers that are trained in dementia care. » Read more

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