Bed Leaving Sensor Mat. Floor Alarm Mats

View our range of bed leaving sensor mats that alert you when stood uponWe review the best-selling bed, door & chair sensor mats that you can buy.

Simple to install these sensor mats alert you as the carer when a person steps onto the mat. They are a great piece of equipment. Especially if the person with dementia has a tendency to wander at night.

Sensor mats are very useful if you need to be alerted quickly or if a person’s safety is an issue. The can be placed in various places around the home. Some of the places they can be sited include near a doorway, at the side of a bed in case they fall or near a chair. » Read more

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Mobile Phones with Big Buttons for People With Dementia

Are you looking for a big button mobile phone for somebody with dementia or an easy to use mobile for an elderly person?

Easy Dial Big button Mobile Phone for Easy Use for people with Dementia or memory lossWe review the best-selling big button mobile phones to help you decide which is the best buy. They are designed to be simple to operate mobiles that have extra large buttons that are less complicated than smartphones or more complicated mobiles.

The best-selling big button mobile phone with reviews

With their big buttons and straight forward calling system bigger button mobile phones are an excellent choice for those who want a simple to use mobile phone with larger buttons. These are ideal mobiles for those with early stage dementia, find pressing small buttons difficult, have limited vision or just want an easy to use mobile phone.

The Doro 580 3g Sim-Free Mobile Phone


The Doro 580 is the best-selling big button mobile phone that has been made with extra-large dialing buttons. The phone is easily programmable and easily allows the user to easy dial the telephone numbers programmed into the phone.

This is one of the best mobile phones to buy for an individual with mild dementia or a person with limited vision. You can write family, friends or carers names next to the large letter buttons on the mobile phone for easy recognition. If a person is having difficulty remembering a mobile phone number or struggles to push the small button numbers on a normal sized mobile telephone then the Doro 580 big button mobile phone is ideal for them.

The Doro 580 big button mobile phone has received over 115 ratings on Amazon and has a feedback score of 4.4 stars.

Discounted Price to Buy – £102.44

With large, easy push buttons and with the ability to write a name next to the letter it makes dialling a person’s number very easy for the mobile operator. This is especially true if the person is a frail senior or suffers from memory loss that is associated with dementia. The phone also has some great built-in security features giving you added peace of mind

The Doro 580 phone has a built-in Geo-locator for security.

Another great advantage of buying the Doro 580 big button mobile phone over other mobile phones is that for added safety on the back of the device is an assistance key.  If the person with dementia gets lost or confused the helper or person who finds the confused person can press this button and then an instant text message is sent to all recipients and numbers programmed into the phone. This text message includes the location of the device plus a phone call is also made to the first telephone number that has been programmed into the phone. Another great advantage of the Doro 580 is when the assistance call is made, the device automatically goes in to hands-free mode.

Review of the Doro 580 big button mobile phone

The fabulous Doro 580 mobile phone is an ideal mobile phone to give a person with dementia. This is because the mobile phone has extra-large buttons and easy to remember names next to the buttons. It is a very simple to understand mobile phone. Using the device is made easy and understandable and helps to eliminate frustration that can be caused by using a more conventional mobile phone. The Doro 580 gives you peace of mind if a person with memory loss is left on their own and needs to be in contact with somebody.

The Doro 580 sim free mobile phone also allows for more independence for the person and peace of mind for you.

If you would like to buy this phone or view more information please visit here

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Automatic Pill Dispenser

Tabtime automatic pill dispensor

Buy Tabtime Automatic Pill Dispenser from Amazon

Medelert, made by TabTime

Tabtime automatic pill dispenser can help a person safely take their prescribed pills or tablets at a set time of day.

The Medelert pill dispenser can easily be filled with tablets and programmed by the user or relatives or carers to dispense pills up to 6 times a day.

With it’s enhanced functionality and proven reliability Tabtime pill dispensers are the preferred choice among professional care agencies within the NHS and local authority social services.

The Tabtime pill dispenser is a perfect memory aid and uses an alarm and flashing light to remind users when to take their medication.

» Read more

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Photograph Telephone Keypad for People with Dementia

Corded photo phone with big button ideal for seniors and people with memory problems

Buy corded photo phone from the dementia shop

Corded photo phone have extra-large buttons set on a spacious keypad making it easy for dialling of telephone numbers if a person is visually impaired, elderly or is unsteady with their hands.

It’s a great telephone for a person suffers from dementia because the telephone has pictures located on the keypad above the big telephone number buttons that can be programmed to ring the person that is located in the photo. » Read more

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