Review of the Best-Selling Clocks for People with Dementia.

We review clocks for people with dementia

We review the best-selling clocks for people with dementia you can buy. They make great gifts & will help tell the time easier. These top-selling wall & side clocks are designed to be easier to understand for someone living with dementia.

The digital and picture faced clocks we have reviewed are also ideal for the elderly and people who are partially sighted. Or anybody who just wants a big clock with a big display.

The clocks for people with dementia are listed for sale with up to 50% discounts on R.R.P prices. Many have free delivery throughout the UK. » Read more

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How to make a memory book

Do you want to know how do you make a memory book and what is a memory book for? What can be put in a memory book & how they can help a family member or a friend remember their life stories? 

How to make a memory book

We take a look at how to make a memory book and how it can help people with memory loss, dementia and disease such as Alzheimer’s. » Read more

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Help Move a Person With a Swivel Seat.

A swivel seat allows a person with difficulty with movement to be moved more easier

Swivel seat can help with mobility when turning

Swivel seats are great to help a person turn and move when seated more easily.

If you are a carer looking after somebody with limited movement it can be difficult moving the person at times but a swivel seat can help.

If you are looking to aid mobility in a person that is sat on a chair or car seat that finds it difficult to get out of the chair or seat then a swivel seat could be the answer to help the individual with their movement. » Read more

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Independent Living Home Monitors for the Home

Independent living home monitors for help with a persons home independence

Home monitoring equipment can help independent living

Independent living for an elderly person, especially if the person has dementia can be a worry for family members and carers. That is where an independent home monitor can help.

You need to know the person is safe at all times which can be a constant worry for you as the carer especially if you have to work or look after children. So fitting one of these monitors can give you peace of mind.

Often care home costs and the trauma for the person involved in leaving their family home makes it almost impossible for you to contemplate making your loved one leave their home to move into a nursing home or into residential care. » Read more

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Can a Blood Test Detect Alzheimer’s Disease?

Can a Blood Test Detect Alzheimer's Disease?

Can a Blood Test Detect Alzheimer’s Disease?

Can a Blood Test Detect Alzheimer’s Disease?

There is new research that suggests there could be a link between high homocysteine levels in your blood and Alzheimer’s disease. But can a blood test really detect Alzheimer’s disease?

The research suggests that if detected early, high levels of homocysteine could indicate that you need to change your lifestyle and eating habits to help prevent Alzheimer’s in later life.

Although there is no exact diagnosis as to why we may get Alzheimer’s a simple blood test could go a long way to helping diagnose one of the conditions and reasons why we might later develop early onset dementia. » Read more

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