Information about memory problems

Memory probems due to brain disease

Memory loss due to a brain disease like Alzheimer’s

One of the most devastating symptoms of disease related dementia is the distressing and debilitating condition of memory loss.

Memory is triggered via different segments of a person’s brain which are primarily used to manage the processes of thought and understanding.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most widespread and most known about disease that causes memory problems. Research suggests as many as 60% of all disease related dementias diagnosed as Alzheimer’s disease with approximately two-thirds of those being female.

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What are the Causes of Memory Loss?

What causes of memory loss in a person?

What are the causes of memory loss and why might you get dementia? Well just because a person starts to forget things does not mean that the person is suffering from a medical brain disease like Alzheimer’s. It could just be a temporary reason like a head injury or even medication you might be taking.

There could be many other reasons for memory loss. So what are the most common causes of memory loss and what could be the reason for the memory loss?

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