Washing and Dressing Care Needs for a person with Dementia

Washing and dressing care needs for a person with dementia

Individuals with dementia may need help with washing and dressing

Washing and dressing can become difficult as a disease like Alzheimer’s or other dementias progress.

However, as the dementia progresses and the persons memory deteriorates it is important to identify and note that the person may well require additional support with personnel areas such as washing and dressing themselves.

Especialy if the person is living independantly in their own home.

We take a look at these two important areas of care, washing and dressing. » Read more

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Care for a Person with Dementia

Care for Person with DementiaCare for Person with Dementia when they find it difficult to care for themselves. Learn how to care for an individual with diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

The condition will not only affect the person who has the disease but will also affect their partners, family and friends.

Dementia literally means ‘brain cell death’. The person with the disease will get progressively worse with time. so dementia care is going to be needed for the individual who has dementia as the dementia progresses.

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