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Carers support groups can help you as the carer of somebodyCarers support groups provide information and help to anybody who is caring for somebody that needs additional help and information.

Most carers don’t want sympathy, they just want somebody to understand them and give them support.

If you are a carer there are many support groups who are there to help you. Many organisations provide places where you as a carer can go and talk to other people in your situation. One such place is the carers forum.

They can give you support by giving advise on a particular subject like caring for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s or just a place to go and talk with other carers to share your thoughts and opinions.

It can be very stressful as a carer of somebody with an illness so it allows you to let off steam and unwind in the company of other carers that understand how difficult caring can sometimes be.

Learn how carers support groups can help

We take a look at a short video provided by NHS Choices that talks to Gaynor and Lillian. They are long-term carers of members of their own family.

They speak in the video about how their local carers forum has supported them and allowed them to continue to care for others and to also get help to care for themselves.

For your local support network you can telephone the Carers Direct help line on 0808 802 0202

There are many helpful organisations that can give you great advice. As well as supporting you if you provide long or short-term care to somebody with an illness such as dementia.

If you would like to know more about some of the local and national groups and organisations that support carers or you would like to help other carers by providing information about a group you may know please visit our groups and organisations page

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