What are the Different Types of Care Home?

What are the different types of care homes

There are different types of care homes

We look at the different types of care homes available to an individual with dementia.

If a person needs more care than can be provided whilst the individual is living in their own home a care home may be the safest, most secure place for the individual.  In which case a permenent residence may be needed to provide specialist care that the person deserves.

But what are the different types of care homes that are available to a person with dementia and which one would be best?

We take a look at the different types of care homes

The vast majority of care homes in the UK are privately run or run by charitable organisations and groups, with a few run by local authorities and the NHS.

Care Homes can usually provide four different types of care and support. With some  catering for all four types of care or specializing in one particular kind of care.

In general the four kinds of care are

  • Nursing Homes
  • Nursing Home with Dementia Care
  • Residential Care Homes
  • Residential Care Home with Dementia Care

Nursing Homes

These kind of care homes provide a higher level of care for elderly people than a residential care home would and the level of training that the care workers need should be higher. The residents of a nursing home usually require more intensive physical support on a frequent daily basis.

Nursing homes should have a higher proportion of fully qualified and highly trained nursing staff with access to specialist care equipment available in the home such as specialist beds, wheelchairs, hoists and assisted bedrooms and bathrooms for the residents.

A fully trained registered nurse should always be available 24 hours a day at a nursing home. They should be fully trained in the administration of medication and drugs.

Nursing Home with Dementia Care

Nursing homes are different types of care homes because they have a high level of care that will be provided for the residents with fully qualified nursing staff and equipment available.

The residents in a nursing home with dementia care will be living with a form of dementia such as Alzheimer’s or vascular dementia. The age of the residents in a nursing home which specialises in dementia care may be more varied than that of a residential care home.

Some care homes for dementia sufferers may have residents as young as in their 50’s due to an increasing number of people with early onset dementia.

All staff in a nursing home with dementia care should have had specialist training.


These kind of care homes are where an elderly person can live in a care home environment usually with their own personal room where care is readily available for the residents of the home and who are, in most instances, able to look after their own daily needs without assistance, but who may occasionally need assistance from a care worker at the residential home.

The residential care home may provide basic personal care for the individuals with things like washing and dressing needs.

Residential with Dementia Care

This kind of care home is a residential care home where the residents live on site and are still physically able but who are also living with a form of dementia that may affect their daily lives.

Care workers at the residential care home should have been given extra training in dementia care. The care home will usually have living environments that are specifically designed or adapted towards people with dementia.

This may mean specially designed signage to help with getting around the care home by the person and additional security measures to stop residents from wandering out of the care home.

What do you think of the different types of care homes?

What do you think of the service and support that a residential or nursing care homes provide for a person with dementia.

I know that a lot of you carers believe that the pay could be better for somebody working in a residential care home with many workers on or just above the minimum wage. Let us know your experiences and what you think of dementia care homes below.

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One comment

  • Andy Reid

    With only experience of one care home with dementia specialism, I’m not convinced that the care-workers are really specially trained to look after them. There is an issue of under-staffing, which doesn’t help, but impression is that some care-workers try to squeeze the resident into the template of their desired working day rather than work to needs. Often it looks like they treat the resident who doesn’t quite fit the dementia type they expect or are used to almost treating as if not suffering from dementia and as if in need of less care and attention.

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