Exercise the Best Cure for Dementia?

Exercise can help keep the mind fit. Is exercise the best cure for dementia?

Is Exercise the best cure for dementia?

Is exercise the best cure for dementia?

Well doctors and scientists the world over are turning to exercise for help to slow down the progress of dementias like Alzheimer’s.

It’s a well know fact that physical activity can help keep the body fit and active but little is known as to how exercise helps sufferers of dementia. What is know is that light, frequent exercise can help people who have Alzheimer’s disease. Quite how is still unknown.

Many doctors say that many carers and families of people with dementia can take simple steps to make life more enjoyable by introducing a light regime of exercise on a regular basis.

Exercise is good for the mind and also helps a person use and build up strength in muscles that may not be used which is often due to the condition of the sufferer. Exercise is a good way to use both the body and brain functions in harmony in a relaxed atmosphere that stimulates the brain.

So is exercise the best cure for dementia?, well the best results are seen with patients in the early stages of dementia, before the condition becomes too much on the physical body.

While drugs can slow down the advancement of diseases of the brain there is a worry in the medical world that there is an over prescribing of psychotic drugs to sufferers of dementia. So any other alternative medicine that is available to patients is gladly accepted and the one prescription that seems to be being prescribed more and more is exercise.

How is exercise the best cure for dementia?

Now when we talk about exercise many people take a deep breath and wince at the thought of putting on the track suit and setting of on a 3 mile run. Well things have moved on since then and when a regime of physical activity is prescribed to help a sufferer you can forget about the sweating and physical exhaustion that come with most exercise, instead a physical regime suited to the person’s ability is prescribed.

There are many ways to take exercise

Have fun when exercising

Gentle exercise in the form of armchair exercises, dancing, a light walk or even a good old sing-a-long is perfect for dementia sufferers. Depending on the physical ability of the persons taking part in the class or group.

The ideas you can use with exercise must be shaped to the persons physical ability. As most people who get dementia are elderly in age the idea is that you are not trying to get the person physically fit like a young person might want to achieve.

The idea behind the exercises is that people leave the session having enjoyed the exercise. Laughter, communication , participation, confidence and many more things can be achieved when a person takes part in any form of light physical activity. Instead of feeling withdrawn and alone, the participation in exercise can help make a person feel more confident and help them come out of themselves.

You often hear from families and friends that look after somebody with dementia that once they begin with a form of exercise that the person starts smiling again.

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Support for Carers and Sufferers of Dementia

Carers support for people who have a caring roleCarers support is equally important as support for those with dementia. Support can help carers cope and manage with the everyday strains, stresses and challenges that can affect somebody caring for a person with the disease.

Whilst it is important to remember the support that those people who are experiencing dementia themselves crucially require it is also vital not to forget the difficulty of supporting an individual. This will inevitably mean that carers and family members equally require help and assistance from time-to-time.

Carers support groups are numerously available in the UK.

Support groups can give you a tremendous source of information as well as enabling you to share your advice and stories with others who could benefit from your advice.  » Read more

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Information about memory problems

Memory probems due to brain disease

Memory loss due to a brain disease like Alzheimer’s

One of the most devastating symptoms of disease related dementia is the distressing and debilitating condition of memory loss.

Memory is triggered via different segments of a person’s brain which are primarily used to manage the processes of thought and understanding.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most widespread and most known about disease that causes memory problems. Research suggests as many as 60% of all disease related dementias diagnosed as Alzheimer’s disease with approximately two-thirds of those being female.

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Washing and Dressing Care Needs for a person with Dementia

Washing and dressing care needs for a person with dementia

Individuals with dementia may need help with washing and dressing

Washing and dressing can become difficult as a disease like Alzheimer’s or other dementias progress.

However, as the dementia progresses and the persons memory deteriorates it is important to identify and note that the person may well require additional support with personnel areas such as washing and dressing themselves.

Especialy if the person is living independantly in their own home.

We take a look at these two important areas of care, washing and dressing. » Read more

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Care for a Person with Dementia

Care for Person with DementiaCare for Person with Dementia when they find it difficult to care for themselves. Learn how to care for an individual with diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

The condition will not only affect the person who has the disease but will also affect their partners, family and friends.

Dementia literally means ‘brain cell death’. The person with the disease will get progressively worse with time. so dementia care is going to be needed for the individual who has dementia as the dementia progresses.

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