Review of the best-selling Clocks for People with Dementia.

We review clocks for people with dementia

We review some of the many types of clocks for people with dementia you can buy. They will help tell the time easier in a more simple way than the standard design of clocks.

These clocks are also ideal for the elderly and people who are partially sighted or anybody who just wants a big clock with a big simple display.

You can find many of the clocks for sale with up to 50% discounted R.R.P prices. Many also have free delivery throughout the UK. » Read more

What is a Memory Box? How to make one

Make a memory box to help remember past events and great for saving memories for the future

Simple to make or buy memory box. Just buy or find a rigid cardboard box

A memory box is a time capsule that connects an individual or group of people with the past through the items that the box contains.

Update 19/April/2016 We have a new video to show us how to make memory box by Hannah West below.

A memory box is different to a memory book.

There are many reasons why you may want to make up a memory box, maybe to help preserve your own families memories, to educate children or maybe, as we are going to do today, for somebody with dementia to help stimulate their memory.

They are ideal for use in multitude of ways and you can make memory boxes using almost any object that you can get your hands on that reminds you or connects you or somebody else with the past. » Read more

Help Move a Person With a Swivel Seat.

A swivel seat allows a person with difficulty with movement to be moved more easier

Swivel seat can help with mobility when turning

Swivel seats are great to help a person turn and move when seated more easily.

If you are a carer looking after somebody with limited movement it can be difficult moving the person at times but a swivel seat can help.

If you are looking to aid mobility in a person that is sat on a chair or car seat that finds it difficult to get out of the chair or seat then a swivel seat could be the answer to help the individual with their movement. » Read more

Automatic Pill Dispenser

Tabtime automatic pill dispensor

Buy Tabtime Automatic Pill Dispenser from Amazon

Medelert, made by TabTime

Tabtime automatic pill dispenser can help a person safely take their prescribed pills or tablets at a set time of day.

The Medelert pill dispenser can easily be filled with tablets and programmed by the user or relatives or carers to dispense pills up to 6 times a day.

With it’s enhanced functionality and proven reliability Tabtime pill dispensers are the preferred choice among professional care agencies within the NHS and local authority social services.

The Tabtime pill dispenser is a perfect memory aid and uses an alarm and flashing light to remind users when to take their medication.

» Read more