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Bed Leaving Sensor Mat with Wireless Alarm Kit

Bed Leaving Sensor Mat with Wireless Alarm Kit This Large Bed Leaving Sensor Mat includes a full Wireless Alarm Kit which includes a sensor mat, transmitter and pager (receiver). This full kit provides remote wireless operation for the Bed Sensor Mat, which is also included. This bed leaving alarm is ideal for monitoring an elderly patient who requires assistance when getting out of bed. A common problem is an elderly patient or family member that requires assistance when waking up and leaving their bed in the middle of the night either to wander or to go to the toilet. This system alerts the carer immediately via the wireless portable pager that the person has left their bed.


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Fantastic product that has helped me with my mother. She has dementia and is constanty getting up in the night. This mat has helped us with knowing when she has got up.
Thanks for recommending the sensor mat
Jane Anderson

Clock for someone with dementia

Clock for someone with dementia If you are looking for a clock for someone with dementia with an easy to read clock face to make it easier for someone to tell the time have a look at.
The clock is aimed at helping people living with dementia by simply and clearly displaying the time of day as morning, afternoon, evening or night.
This dementia clock has many more features.


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A very useful product that I can recommend to anybody who cares for a person with vascular dementia. But I suppose it would be ideal for anybody with dementia. It helps my wife with telling the time in an easy to understand way and stops me having to remind her what time it is.
Thanks for such a great product
Mr Albert Green

Automatic Pill Dispensor

Automatic Pill Dispensor The PivoTell Automatic Pill Dispenser incorporates a number of important and advanced features which are designed to help the user remain compliant with their medication regime whilst supporting their family members, carers and pharmacists to administer a persons daily medication.


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Doro Secure 580. The evolution of the Doro Handleplus 334

Doro Secure 580. The evolution of the Doro Handleplus 334 Introducing the new Doro 580 Secure mobile phone. You might recognise this big button mobile phone as its evolved from the doro handleplus 334.
Its an exellent mobile phone to people who may otherwise be housebound, of limited vision or suffering from mild dementia. Family and friends are simply a press of a button away.The big button Doro Secure 580 is a minimalistic mobile phone yet offers a wide variety features including a simple text to locate the devise and an inbuilt panic button if user gets lost.

from £79.00

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Shower Seats. Ideal for Showers and Baths

Shower Seats. Ideal for Showers and Baths We have a large selection of shower seats for sale to suit every budget. Many have generously sized seats for comfort. We have shower seats that can be wall mounted and the shower stools fold neatly against the wall when not required, providing adequate space for other shower users that do not require the shower seat
Many of our shower chairs and stools have height adjustable legs for additional support and stability for the user.

£14.99 +

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My husband has dementia so washing and showering is always difficult so I love this product. Bathing my husband is always a problem but its now a little easier.
Would recommend
Marion Davies - Carer
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