Help Move a Person With a Swivel Seat.

A swivel seat allows a person with difficulty with movement to be moved more easier

Swivel seat can help with mobility when turning

Swivel seats are great to help a person turn and move when seated more easily.

If you are a carer looking after somebody with limited movement it can be difficult moving the person at times but a swivel seat can help.

If you are looking to aid mobility in a person that is sat on a chair or car seat that finds it difficult to get out of the chair or seat then a swivel seat could be the answer to help the individual with their movement.

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Swivel seats can be a great aid for helping an elderly person in and out of a car or an awkward space such as a dining table, motor car or even a stool or chair.

They makes moving a person whilst they are seated that little bit easier. They are also compatible with almost any style of seat in a car or dining chair in the home.

We take a look at the benefits of using a swivel cushion seat when helping move a person. How the swivel cushions can be used and what the prices are to buy a swivel seat are.

Benefits of a swivel seat

  • A swivel seat or chair can be used to help a person in and out of a car seat by spinning the person on an axis. This allows the passengers legs to be placed in and out of the car with ease
  • Attachable safety belt for car use are included in the price
  • Light in weight.
  • Made from strong robust plastic that is easily cleaned.
  • Comfy, washable cushion seat.
  • The seat can be easily moved, repositioned and carried to different seats around the home or car.
  • Swivel chairs can help the individual when sitting at a table by allowing easier movement of the individuals legs.
  • Very reasonable in price to buy.

Buy a swivel seat to help a person move when sat down.


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