Review of the best-selling Clocks for People with Dementia.

Large display clocks for dementia sufferers. Ideal for care homes and dementia daycare centresWe review some of the many types of clocks for people with dementia you can buy. They will help tell the time easier and in a more simple way than the standard type and design of clocks.

These clocks are also ideal for the elderly and people who are partially sighted or anybody who just want a big clock with a big simple display.

You can find many of the clocks for sale with up to 50% discounted R.R.P prices. Many also have free delivery throughout the UK.

The Best-Selling Clocks for people with Dementia Sold on Amazon

Take a look at the 5 best-selling clocks for people with Alzheimer’s & dementia that you can buy from Amazon. We have included the review scores and their star rating to help you decide which clock to choose.

Digital Display Clock

clocks for people with dementia. Large digital display with day, time and date displayed clearlyOne of the best-selling and popular clocks for somebody with dementia you can buy from Amazon.

Manufactured by Svinz this simple to read digital clock face is a popular choice of clock to buy for somebody with early dementia.

It  significantly helps people with dementia maintain their daily routine and takes away the anxiety about the time of day.

This simple, yet effective clock displays the day and the time of day as morning, afternoon, evening or night. The time of day and the date of the year is also shown. A simpler version of this clock is available to view below.

Check the price of digital display clock for dementia on AmazonThis dementia digital clock has had over 264 Amazon reviews with an average rating of 4.8

Simple Digital Display Clock

Simple to understand digital clock for dementia sufferersVery much like the clock above but only displays the day and the words ‘morning, afternoon, evening or night’.

This design of dementia clock has won awards for innovation and simplicity. Very simple to understand digital clock available to buy for somebody with dementia.

The size of the screen is similar to a small tv screen.

The clock also has tamper proof button sequencing to eliminate accidental changing of the settings

You can programme the clock to change time from night to morning or evening to-night as you require. So if you wish to change the display saying night, to morning at 7am then you can fix a time that you want. If you want 6am then that is also fine, just use the menu to chang.

Digital dementia clock check price at amazon This digital dementia clock has had over 70 Amazon reviews with an average rating of 4.5


Day of the Week Clock

Day of Week Dementia ClockOne of the most simple clocks you can buy for a person with memory problems such as dementia.

You get nothing more and nothing less with the very simple ‘Cambrian’ day of the week clock. If an individual has later-stages of dementia then they will find this clock helpful. It allows the day of the week to be easily read by the user.

The clock has a large 9 inch clock face with one large pointing hand.

Battery powered and made by Dayclox this clock carries a 12 month guarantee. Dayclox also manufacturer a large range of similar, simple to understand clocks. These include the Carlisle and day/night clocks.

Check Price of the Dayclox Cambrian Clock at Amazon The Dayclox, Cambrian clock has had over 90 reviews with an average rating of 4.7


Day or Night Clocks for people with dementia

Picture day night clocks for people with dementiaWith a large 12 inch display you can buy this clock to help an individual tell the time with the use of pictures and clock hands. This is a very popular choice of picture clocks for people with dementia.

The picture graphics on the display show blue sky with the sun during the daytime and dark blue sky with stars and the moon at night.

The clock picture will rotate with the hour hand of the clock.

This enables the reader to tell the difference between daytime and nighttime. This has been proven to help individuals with memory loss and conditions like Alzheimer’s to tell the time with better understanding of the time of day.

Check the price of day & night clock at AmazonThe dementia day and night clock has had over 30 reviews with an average rating of 4.5


Large Digital interactive Clock

large digital clockYou can buy this large, wide-screen with large text clock which creates more impact than standard sized clocks and are more visible to everyone.

The screen is 9.7 inch and works like a tablet computer. The digital clock has multiple display modes. These include a calendar clock, daily and weekly diary, reminders, photos, news and even Facebook & Skype.

This is an ideal interactive clock for home use or dementia day care centre or dementia care home as it is large enough to be seen from a distance. It displays pre-programmed information to help residents and users.

Large digital interactive dementia clock Although the MyhomeHelper digital clock has no reviews yet we thought this clock was worth it

Large display clocks for dementia sufferers. Ideal for care homes and dementia daycare centres

If you know of any other makes or helpful clocks for people with dementia please let us know. We will gladly show them on this page. If you have bought a clock for person with dementia we would love to hear your review of the product and how well they perform.

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