Bed Leaving Sensor Mat. Floor Alarm Mats

View our range of bed leaving sensor mats that alert you when stood uponWe look at the best-selling bed leaving sensor mats that you can buy. All with big discounts.

Bed leaving sensor mats can alert you as the carer when a person steps onto the mat. They are a great piece of equipment if the person with dementia has a tendency to wander at night. Sensor mats are very useful if you need to be alerted quickly or if a person’s safety is an issue.

Below we look at the best-selling floor and bed leaving sensor mats with review scores that you can buy from Amazon with up to 50 % discount.

Best-selling bed leaving sensor mats with reviews

We show you how many stars the alarm mats have as well as the reviews the floor sensor mats have received to help you buy the best sensor mat available for your needs.

Mat-On-Guard Bed Leaving Sensor Mats. IP300

This best-selling alarmed mat are an ideal bed leaving sensor mats that can also be placed near a door or chair.

Made by Mat-On-Guard. The alarm mat works when pressure is placed on the mat. It sends a signal to the portable plug-in receiver which sets of an alarm when the Mat is triggered. This alerts the carer that the mat has been stepped on. The sensor mat will work to a distance of up to 150 meters distance to the receiver and is ideal for a care home or in an individuals home.

Mat-on-Guard that you can buy. Ideal for dementia

The Mat-On-Guard sensor mat kit includes –  Electronic pressure mat measuring 72cm x 39cm. A miniature transmitter (requires 1 x A23 battery which is included). A portable chime receiver (2 x AA batteries included).  A plug-in chime receiver (220v mains operated) With fitting Instructions. Plug-in Chime Receiver and the portable receiver features flashing LED lights, a melody selector button, volume control button. The portable receiver also has a belt clip.

This Mat-On-Guard has over 10 reviews and has received 4.8 rating on Amazon

Austin Medical Bed Leaving Sensor Mats

Bed leaving sensor mats

The Austin medical alarm mat is a bed exit sensor mat system that will let you know when your patient sits up in bed with the intention of getting up (if pad is placed in back area of the bed).

The bed leaving sensor mat is both high quality and simple to set up and use. The sensor will set off an alarm allowing you to be able to get to your patient before they start to stand and thereby reduce the probability of falls.

The bed sensor pad measures 10 inch x 30 inch (25 cm x 75cm) and is made of a soft, high-grade vinyl. The mat is also incontinence protected and is easy to clean. The pad also features an interior layer of foam for patient comfort. This bed leaving sensor mat is not wireless. For a wireless bed alarm system please view here

Sensor mat from Austin Medical sold on Amazon

Other features of the Austin Medical bed leaving alarm mat

  • The bed exit alarm monitor operates on 1 x 9 volt battery (not included).
  • The alarm mat and pad comes with 1 year guarantee.
  • This system will alarm in patient’s room.
  • Product comes with a sample of an Austin disposable bed protector pad.

The Austin Medical bed leaving sensor mat has over 16 reviews with an average rating of 4.5

NRS Healthcare Sensor Mat

NRS Healthcare sensor mat

This sensor mat from NRS Healthcare is an ideal sensor mat to use with an elderly person, someone with dementia or someone with special needs who is being supported at home by a carer or family member.

The sensor mat and chosen alarm create an effective monitoring system that helps the carer ensure the safety of the person. This also helps to manage the risk of falls or wandering when leaving their bed.

The NRS Healthcare sensor mat requires no installation. Just simply plug-in the sensor mat using the included cable into the chosen monitor unit. The mat is then placed either underneath a person when lying in bed or on the floor in a convenient spot. The mat can be set to activate the alarm either when pressure is taken off, for example if the person gets out of bed in the night, when pressure is applied or when the mat is stepped on.

NRS Healthcare sensor mat for sale on Amazon

When an increase/decrease in pressure on the sensor mat occurs, the alarm on the monitor unit will be activated which will alert a nearby carer that the person has fallen from their bed or may have a tendancy to wander. The mat is padded to make it comfortable if used underneath a person. It is supplied here in large size with a length of 76 cm (30 inches) and a width of 25 cm (10 inches). A smaller length version is also available for use with chairs and wheelchairs (sold separately).

The NRS Healthcare sensor mat has no reviews or rating yet

Prozoneuk Wireless Sensor Mat. Floor and Door Use

Prozoneuk floor sensor mat for doors and bed leaving. Wireless

This very reasonably priced mult-use wireless bed leaving sensor mat can also be used near a doorway.

The wireless chime unit is portable so can be used as a door entry system or the transmitter/bell push can be used as a personal alert in the home or pager for the elderly to signal for attention.

Buy a Prozoneuk sensor mat from Amazon

Protects doorways inside and Outside. Chime unit is either mountable or portable. Self standing. Wireless range is maximum 30 meters. The sensor mat has  a choice of 3 Unique Sounds available with adjustable volume. The sounds available are – Westminster, Gong, or Door Bell. Chime Unit- 3 x AA Batteries (Not included). Bell Push – Remote Caller 1 x A23 included. Mat size is 38cm x 32cm. Pager for the elderly. Changeable chime tone with adjustable volume setting.

The Prozoneuk sensor mat has over 23 reviews with an average feedback rating of 3.6 out of 5

Why buy a bed leaving sensor mat & how they work for somebody with dementia?

The way the bed leaving sensor mats work is when an individual or person with dementia gets out of the bed and puts a foot onto the sensor floor mat an alarm sounds and lets you know that the person is leaving their bed. Most sensor mat systems are wireless and work by setting off a portable plug-in receiver. They can be used for a bed, chair or near a doorway. These plug-in receivers can be plugged in anywhere around the home.

If you would like to know when a person gets out of bed these products are an excellent choice. Wireless systems can be great, so the alarm can be set off in another room if needed so the person does not get distressed by the alarm. Sensor mats can easily be moved to different locations around the home. They can also be placed at an entrance or exit doorway in the house. This can help put your mind at rest if you know the person has a tendency to wander or tries to leave the house unaccompanied

You can find a full range of bed and floor sensor mats at our dementia shop here

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  • geraldine rooney

    how much are these bed leaving mats

    • Hello and thanks for the enquiry,
      Prices for the bed leaving sensor mat vay depending on what design or requirements you need.
      They are a popular product and are available with next day delivery. We have listed the mst popular sellers and ones with the biggest discounts.

  • P Warren

    I’m a student nurse doing research into sensors mat and wondered if you could tell me where I might from some literature on them

    • hello,
      If you follow the link named “more info & buy” above there is a full list of specifications for the bed leaving sensor mat

  • Anna

    Can you tell me the range of the transmitter? Is the receiver something you can carry around? Does the sensor mat work on a pressure relieving matress (aircells alternate)? Do you put it on top of the mattress or under it? What if the person is incontinenet, is it waterproof and washable?


    • john

      Hello Anna,
      We sell a large range of sensor mats in our dementia shop and all have different advantages and ways in which they work. I have sent you some more detailed information on the sensor mats that I hope you will find useful.

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