Dementia Products

If you are looking to buy products to help someone with dementia, please have a look at the best daily living and helpful products we have reviewed. Find products that are ideal for individuals of any age or for people who suffer from memory loss, limited movement or are of an elderly age. We have chosen products that are for sale at the best prices available.

Please choose a product below.


Dementia products. Big buttons and picture telephonesThere are many makes and models of telephones and mobiles but we have chosen the ones that have easy dial and big buttons. We also have telephones with photo recognition buttons that can help somebody with poor memory or limited vision

 Photograph Button Telephones

Big Button Mobile Phone



Bed Leaving Wireless Alarm kit.Home Monitors


Automatic Pill Dispensers

Blood Tests


Books on Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Moving and Handling Dementia Products

Swivel Seats

If you know of any helpful dementia products that would benefit a person who is suffering from dementia or memory loss then please recommend them to us. We will review the products and try to include them for sale in this section on dementia products and helpful devices.


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