New outreach care services

New outreach services
New outreach care services

Care in the community goes mobile with outreach care services

The term “outreach” is being coined more and more by care service providers as the funding for care services changes with more demand for home based caring in the community.

We take a look at what are outreach care services. Who are providing the outreach care services. How you can learn more about how the service can benefit you if you are a carer or an individual who suffers from a disease such as dementia.

You can now apply for direct payments to meet care costs if you as the carer or an individual you care for gets help via social services and has been assessed as needing care and support.

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What is a Memory Box? How to make one

Make a memory box to help remember past events and great for saving memories for the future

Simple to make or buy memory box. Just buy or find a rigid cardboard box

A memory box is a time capsule that connects an individual or group of people with the past through the items that the box contains.

Update 19/April/2016 We have a new video to show us how to make memory box by Hannah West below.

A memory box is different to a memory book.

There are many reasons why you may want to make up a memory box, maybe to help preserve your own families memories, to educate children or maybe, as we are going to do today, for somebody with dementia to help stimulate their memory.

They are ideal for use in multitude of ways and you can make memory boxes using almost any object that you can get your hands on that reminds you or connects you or somebody else with the past. » Read more

Memory Walk 2013

Take part in a memory walk and raise money for dementia
Take part in a memory walk and raise money for dementia

Help raise money with a sponsored memory walk

After raising more than £1.4million in 2012 the “memory Walk” organised by the Alzheimer’s Society in partnership with Bupa Care Homes is back for 2013.

The fundraising event which are held at various venues throughout the UK are hoping to raise even more money to support local people who are living with dementia.

Find a memory walk in your local area

Memory Walk is a series of local fundraising walking events that take place every September across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. » Read more

Musical Activities for Older People

Silver Song Clubs help with musical activities for the elderly

Musical activities such as singing are great

Started in 2005, Sing For Your Life is a registered charity that supports musical activities for older people through singing.

They provide regular sessions of music making through their Silver Song Clubs through out day centre’s in the UK.

We all know that singing a song can be a great way to bring people together as well as providing a fun and exciting way to help people with mental conditions such as dementia.

The benefits of song and movement for the elderly can be huge with research seeming to suggest that singing can promote memory stimulation, physical co-ordination, helps combat loneliness, isolation and depression.

It is also suggested that singing a song can also contribute towards people needing fewer visits to their GP and fewer prescriptions.
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How to Better Understand Communication Through Behavior

Help understand a person with dementia through their communication behaviors

Learn communication behaviors

Communication behaviors are different when you have later stages of dementia. Learn better comunication skills and understanding.

If a person has dementia their ability to communicate will become more difficult as the disease progresses.

So it is vital to try to understand the ways in which the person will talk, express their feelings and let you know their thoughts about what they are thinking and feeling through their communication behaviors.
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Robot to Help Dementia Patients Live Independently

Meet the Giraff robot. Designed to help people with dementia live independently

Meet the Giraff robot. The dementia friendly robot

Meet the”giraff robot”. A new mechanised robot that aims to help people with dementia to continue to live independently in their own homes.

NHS Western Isles, as part of European Union project, called ‘Remodem’ – aims to investigate ways to support people with dementia living in remote rural communities. They have embraced the opportunity to pilot the ‘Giraff Robot’ for the first time in Scotland. The Giraff presents a unique way of helping people living with dementia stay in contact with their friends and family, particularly in remote and rural areas.

“Giraff” is a mobile robot with an inbuilt camera. It can be used to set up a vital communication link between people with dementia and their loved ones and potentially support people to remain in their own homes. » Read more

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