Dementia Friends Video

Become a dementia Friend. Watch the dementia friends videoA dementia friends video made by the brilliant people over at was shown on TV last night giving a little more insight into becoming a dementia friend. You may have seen it on ITV, as I did.

The aim is to train 1 million people by 2015 to gain a better understanding and ways to help people living with dementia. This knowledge is then turned into action by any way you feel could benefit somebody with dementia.

This could include volunteering, fundraising, creating more dementia friendly environments or simply just spreading the word of dementia friends via social media. » Read more

How to make a memory book

A memory book can help a family member or a friend remember their life stories.  We take a look at how to make a memory book and how it can help people with memory loss, dementia and disease such as Alzheimer’s.

How to make a memory book

What is a memory book?

A memory book contains a collection of photographs, pictures and descriptions placed in a book to help the person or others to remember a persons life’s activities or interests. Photos of friends and family members, events in their life or work can all be included in a memory book. » Read more

Dementia Training Courses

Learn about dementia with do at home dementia training courses

Dementia training courses online

Have you ever wanted to learn more about dementia? Why not take a dementia training course

The are dementia training courses can be studied online. They are provided by the Skills Network where you can learn about dementia awareness and dementia care. With an NCFE Level 2 certificate in the principles of dementia care.

The dementia training courses are ‘Learn from home dementia training courses’. There is no exam at the end and the course last 10-16 weeks.

The NCFE Level 2 certificate dementia training course online will help those in the caring profession, home carers of somebody with the condition as well as those people who are looking at furthering their qualifications and knowledge of dementia care. » Read more

G8 Dementia Summit 2013

The Uk hosted the first G8 Dementia Summit. Held in London in 2013

The Uk hosted the first G8 Dementia Summit. Held in London in 2013

On December 11th 2013 the UK hosted the first world dementia summit at Lancaster House, London.

Some of the speakers at the G8 dementia summit 2013 included Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health. Peter Dunlop, who is living with dementia and Dr Margaret Chan, Director General of the World Health Organization.

The aim of the summit was to look into dementia research and to have international coordination on the disease and an effective response to tackling the condition on a global level. » Read more

Footballing Great Jimmy Hill has Alzheimer’s

Football legend Jimmy Hill has developed Alzheimers disease.

Jimmy Hill is famous for his chin and for his 25 years on the  BBC football show ‘Match of the Day’

Last weekend, Jimmy Hills family revealed that the former footballer, manager and TV pundit had developed Alzheimer’s disease 5 years ago.

Mr Hill, who is now 85, was first diagnosed with dementia in 2008. He is well known for radically changing the face of football in the UK for a number of reasons. In 1981 he helped introduce the ‘3 points for a win’ rule and he helped bring in the idea of all seating stadiums at football matches when he became the first English club chairman to abolish standing at games.

He also went on to become chairman of the PFA. At the time when he took the job there was a wages cap on football players which meant that the maximum wage for a player was just £20.00 a week. Mr Hill was instrumental in ending the cap whilst he was chairman of the PFA. » Read more

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