6 Ways to Help Improve Your Memory.

Playing games can help improve your memory

Playing games is one way to help improve your memory

How can you help improve your memory as you get older?

Our memory is one of the most important things we posses and need to be able to use if we are going to lead a full and healthy life.

It is thought that we can help fight off memory loss as get older if we stimulate our minds as often as we can.

There is much research around the world that suggests stimulating our memory on a regular basis could help fight off dementia as we get older.

6 simple ways in which help improve your memory.

1. Write Things Down. Create Lists.

One of the simplest ways to help you remember all the jobs or things you may have to do is to make a list. You can make a list to help remember almost anything from a shopping list of groceries that are needed from your local shop, to remembering what order you need to carry out your daily tasks or clothes you need to take on holiday with you.

Lists are a great way to help improve your memory. A list can remind you of appointments you may have such as a dentist or doctors appointment or social engagements such as visiting family or friends.

There are many ways to keep track of your lists that you make, these could include the use of a wipe board, ideally kept in a kitchen. A simple pen and paper, preferably with a sticky side which will enable you to stick the note somewhere you will be able to see it. A calendar hanging somewhere prominent or a simple diary you carry around with you is another good way to help improve your memory.

There are many digital devices available such as mobile phones, laptop devices, notebooks, memory books or organisers that allow you to have a memo/reminder page to help improve your memory by sending or sounding alerts via mobiles, emails or other devices when you need to be reminded.

2. Do puzzles and play games to help improve your memory

It’s well-known that playing a game or doing a puzzle such as a crossword, jigsaw or a game of Sudoku, tests your memory. But do you know that it’s now thought that we should try to exercise our brains as much as we exercise our bodies if we are to help fight off dementia as we grow older.

Playing games stimulates the cognitive memory and helps keep it fit by sending pulses of energy to these areas of the brain making it work in ways it may not have done if you were not to do a puzzle or play a game. There is also research that says that using a social website like Facebook may also be good for memory loss and also a great way to help improve your memory.

If you are a carer and you are looking to stimulate the memory of a person with dementia you could try these 5 simple games to help stimulate the mind of a person with dementia

3. Eat Good Healthy Food

The link with poor diet and dementia is one that is undergoing a lot of research at the moment. Although it is widely thought that eating oily fish that is rich in omega 5 on a regular basis could help fight the causes of cognitive decline and the advance of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

There are foods that are thought to help keep your brain active and help improve your memory and those that are full of fatty acids which are thought to be bad for memory and your body.

Good foods are those that are fresh, such as fruit and vegetables that can provide the vitamins you require but also include those foods with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, such as walnuts and fish.

4. Sleep

We all know that a lack of sleep makes us tired and irritable and it’s surprising how many times we forget something when we are tired the following day. We all need different amounts of sleep but try to aim for 7-8 hours a night

When you have a good night’s sleep your brain is able to make connections between your thoughts and situations you experience that you may not have been able to make sense of before whilst awake, this enhances your ability to problem solve and remember things. It’s why people always say you should always sleep on a problem or before you make a big decision, the answer always seems clearer the day after.

5. Exercise

If we are physically fit and get a good regular amount of exercise we seem to have so much more energy enabling us to remember things more readily when the going gets tough. Exercise also allows helps blood to flow around your body faster, carrying more oxygen to the brain which in turn will help improve your memory.

6. Smoking and Drinking

Stop smoking and limit your intake of alcohol if you want to help improve your memory. I think these two speak for themselves.

Studies from all over the world suggest that too much alcohol and the smoking of cigarettes harms the brain and the body. Drinking alcohol to access can cause Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome. Smoking cigarettes can cause any number of health issues and diseases with one being starving the brain of oxygen.

If you feel as though you are having problems with your memory and it’s ability to remember why not take a dementia test. It’s a simple to take test and can be carried out in your own home with a pen and paper. You can find the dementia test here

What ways do you use to help improve your memory. Share your thoughts with us below.

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  • Marcia Anderson

    Very useful page for family issues

  • steve

    Games are the best way to improve your memory. I go the gym to help get fit and I wish it was as easy for my memory. I hate playing games especially crosswords although my granpa loves them and he is nearly 90 and mentally fit as a fiddle

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