Dementia Friends Video

Become a dementia Friend. Watch the dementia friends videoA dementia friends video made by the brilliant people over at was shown on TV last night giving a little more insight into becoming a dementia friend. You may have seen it on ITV, as I did.

The aim is to train 1 million people by 2015 to gain a better understanding and ways to help people living with dementia. This knowledge is then turned into action by any way you feel could benefit somebody with dementia.

This could include volunteering, fundraising, creating more dementia friendly environments or simply just spreading the word of dementia friends via social media.

Dementia Friends. Volunteers backed by the Alzheimer’s Society

TheĀ training and information sessions are backed by the Alzheimer’s Society and are normally taken by a Dementia Friend Champion. Who Are volunteers that have taken a Dementia Friends training session.

The information sessions are currently being run throughout England and Wales with some places being limited.

Watch the Dementia Friends Video Below

You can find much more information on becoming a dementia friend and information about the sessions on the dementia friends website

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