Test Your Brain By Playing Games With This Free App

Help a study into memory problems by playing this free brain test app game

Brain test app. Help a study into memory problems

As part of the “Brain Awareness Week 2013” a new brain test app has been developed to help Neuroscientists at the University College London to better understand how the brain works.

The unique scientific experiment is being used by allowing people to play games on their mobile device to test your memory, your impulsiveness, your attention and decision-making.

Its simple to get involved if you have a mobile device or tablet  computer by downloading the brain test app and playing at your own pace.

Contribute to Neuroscience

Each time you play the mobile games you’ll be contributing data to a huge scientific experiment, taking part in research that could previously only be conducted on small groups of volunteers in the lab.

The Great Brain Experiment will look at memory,  how we might take risks, impulsive responses and how well the mind’s eye can see.  It will allow the researchers to explore questions that are normally impossible to ask.

Dr Rick Adams, from the ‘Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging’, says: “We wanted something that shows people what neuroscience is really about. It’s not all brains in jars or men in white coats.

It’s actually trying to answer questions all of us are interested in, like ‘What makes me happy?’. We hope that people enjoy our app, tell their friends and help us answer some important scientific questions along the way.”

Take part and get the brain test app

If you would like to take part in the test by playing the game you can find more information on how to download the app to play on your mobile phone  or how to play using google play on the great brain experiment website 

* Well I finally got around to playing the memory game on my iPhone last night and it was an interesting and fun game to play. You play four games altogether that test various parts of the brain’s ability. The four tests areas are –

1. The ability to remember
2. Are you impulsive
3. How much do you see
4. What makes you happy

You will need to register a few details before you begin like your age, your education and your location but there is no requirement for you to give your personal details so the test is totally anonymous.

You can go at your own pace between the 4 games and you are given a score at the end of each game to let you know how you did compared to other people taking the test.

The results are sent anonymously online to the scientists who will collect the data to help them in their work to find out more information on how the brain works.

Take the free brain test

So go on, play the game and see how you do. You can play the memory game here and would love to see your comments below to let us know what you thought of the game.

Update 4/5/2016The first of the ongoing results are in. If you would like to see an update of the results so far of the ‘test your brain by playing games’  you can here


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