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We are here to try to bring together as much information as we can about dementia.

You can find lots of information on some of the many support groups and organisations throughout the UK that help support individuals and families living with dementia.

Support workers and family members that are caring for people with dementia can also buy great products that can help a person with dementia lead a better quality of life through independent living.

And please don’t forget our blog where we try to provide as much information on dementia as we can. We have many videos on living with dementia as well as many contact details of local support groups.

We would love you to contribute to the dementia blog. Just let us know who you are and what service or product you provide and where in the UK you are.

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  • Jenny

    Hello, my partner blames himself for his mother’s dementia – he’s convinced that the stress his divorce caused brought on her illness as she was a worrier. Nothing I say seems to help. Does anybody have any advice

    • john

      Hello Jenny,
      Your partner should not blame himself. What kind of dementia has she been diagnosed with? Has she seen a doctor or has she just become forgetful? Some researchers seem to be suggesting that if stress is a contributing factor to forgetfulness it can be reversed unlike brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia and Lewy body dementia which at present have no cure. There are some studies to suggest that life-long stress may be a contributing factor but as yet there is no evidence to suggest this is true and many researchers dismiss this theory altogether.
      It may be wise for your partner to speak to a medical professional or somebody from one of the dementia national helplines to help him understand better.
      Some helpful numbers are 0300 222 11 22 which is the national dementia helpline from the Alzheimers society or 0800 888 6678 which is a helpline provided by Dementiauk.org
      Jenny I hope it works out for your partner and his mum
      I wish you all good luck

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